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Legal costs and case funding are a primary issue for clients and our firm alike.

We sell our time, expertise and skill to clients often facing complex legal issues, who are also concerned about solicitors bills.
Clients expect transparency and certainty, and we understand that perfectly well, we also understand that it has to be a fair and equitable process, that keeps everybody happy.

The majority of our work is funded privately, either by companies, individuals or various type of legal insurance schemes, if applicable.

However, we do not work on a contingency fee basis ie ‘no win, no fee‘ for any type of legal issue or case.

Some of the criminal and fraud defence work which we undertake is funded by Government (i.e. Legal Aid), but note that eligibility for Legal Aid is subject to stringent eligibility criteria and means testing. Clients often find that the Legal Aid Agency determines that applicants must make substantial contributions from the capital and/or income before granting legal aid to fund legal representation.

We place ourselves, in terms of fee pricing, as a mid-market law firm, though we pride ourselves upon ‘ punching beyond our weight ‘ as far as legal expertise is concerned. We are by no means the most expensive law firm in the Country, nor are we the cheapest. We do though, offer real value for money, with timely, cost-effective, legal 500 ranked Director / Partner led client services and teams of lawyers. Our expertise easily rivals the National and City firms of lawyers ( because many of the team are former barristers or partners in City / West End London firms ), without the related expense that instructing those firms entails.

We also take great pride in the testimonials and Google reviews provided by our clients and the consistently high rankings which we have received over many years from the leading law ranking directories, based upon comments made by clients and peers alike.

Unlike our larger competitors, we offer a very personal client service, clients are not regarded as another file number or unit cost by us. The high overall client satisfaction is reflected in our excellent case results.

We are clear about legal costs and set out-out terms and conditions at the beginning of the professional relationship within our Client Care and engagement letters. We also try to be as flexible with our fees as the case will allow, some cases are simply too complex to merit a full fixed fee rate, but in those cases, we may be able to offer fixed fees per each stage of the proceedings.

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