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Some feedback from our clients

Testimonials for Lewis Nedas

"A dedicated, highly experienced team drawing upon strengths in various related disciplines and able to respond quickly and provide focused advice and representation."
The Legal 500.
"Lewis Nedas are a dependable source of experienced solicitors who are willing to put themselves out on behalf of their clients."
The Legal 500.
"Lewis Nedas are an efficient litigation machine. If something needs to be done, they will do it. Have a real “the client comes first” attitude."
The Legal 500.
"Lewis Nedas are a top firm, whose reputation goes before them."
The Legal 500.
"Lewis Nedas are a top firm, whose reputation goes before them."
The Legal 500.
"Hands on partner involvement leading a dynamic team who like to think out of the box. Results driven. Clear strategies. They can go toe to toe with the big “City” firms."
The Legal 500.
"A hardworking and tactically astute team."
The Legal 500.
"Exceptional service for a team based out of the City."
The Legal 500.
"There is a heavy focus on client care and ensuring that advice and support is always available."
The Legal 500
"The solicitors and staff are very well-versed in dealing with even the most complex and voluminous fraud cases and are extremely dedicated and meticulous in their preparation and presentation."
The Legal 500
"They are professional and approachable and are available 24 hours a day to assist."
The Legal 500
“With the execution of the estate of … [the] deceased in your company, we were very satisfied. Our best thanks go to [you]. We can highly recommend your company! We wish the company continued success.”
“I visited Lewis Nedas Law offices twice; on both occasions all staff were very friendly and helpful.”
Thank you Lewis Nedas.. I am glad that I was referred to Lewis Nedas.  We had a case of unfair dismissal which was dragged out by the employer[...b]ut in every step of the way we had the professionalism and support of Lewis Nedas, which helped us fight till end and win the case.  Furthermore, we were compensated well enough.  I really appreciate the team, who were there with us every step of the way, not just legally but emotionally.  Thanks once again to... [the] team at Lewis Nedas, who I would highly recommend.”

Testimonials for our Solicitors

Testimonials for Jeffrey Lewis

“Lewis Nedas advised me in a serious case of insider dealing. The lead solicitor dealing with my case was Jeffrey Lewis, who impressed me with his quick grasp of the very complex circumstances. His in-depth knowledge of how the City really works and his long experience of serious financial crime gave me great confidence. But it was also his friendly and supportive attitude, and readiness to take calls (or return them promptly if he was in court) which was very reassuring. I was delighted with the positive result of the case, and the speed and efficiency with which it was handled.”

Testimonials for Elena Abraham

“The service I have received was great and impressive. The lawyer was very understandable and took me setup by setup, through my case. I would highly recommend them again and again.”
“I enjoyed having Elena as a representative on my behalf. She dedicated her time and put in a lot of effort throughout my case. Even though there was a substantial amount of paperwork to get through she was patient and we went through every single page one by one. During any court appearances I had she made sure I had a clear understanding of what the procedure consisted off and sent any messages to my loved ones across on my behalf. Elena made me feel at ease during what was a lengthy court case and I view her as more than a lawyer but as a true friend.”

Testimonials for Danny Barnard

“An email seems so inadequate to express my appreciation for your effort on my behalf. I am truly grateful for helping me to no less than get my life back, you did an amazing job and considering what seemed to me like an extraordinarily biased judge, you stood up for me. You and that fantastic jury restored my faith in people when it was at its lowest. Thank you.”

Testimonials for Unan Choudhury

“I wanted to pass on my thanks to Unan. Sunday evening was an interesting event and … I have had feedback from various sources thanking us for our attendance. More importantly, it was impressive watching how Unan handled himself and how warmly he was greeted by numerous people there. He gave a speech which I am told was well received by his Bengali peers. All this was after having been at the hospital with his wife all day. He has created a very strong nod with these guys over a short time and this can only stand him and Lewis Nedas in good stead in the future. I know this might sound a bit gushing, but I have introduced a number of people into these circles for various purposes and nearly everyone has let me down. I hope we can meet again soon.”

Testimonials for Adam Creasey

“Thank you again for your most helpful and thoughtful assistance, not least in your patient and thorough responses to my questions.”
“It appears that your solid advice has served well. …  Thank you Adam, for everything you have done to help me with this issue, it has been greatly appreciated.”


“Thank you for the work on the lease. … If should any further legal ‎is required, I’ll be happy to use your services again.”

Testimonials for Siobhain Egan

“I wanted to take the opportunity as well to thank you for everything that you have done on this case. The result that we got on Monday will have a massive positive impact not only on my life but the lives of all my family including that of my own son. I personally was struggling to hold back the tears when the sentence was being delivered by the judge and I know my father and sister felt the same too. It must be fantastic to work in a way that can have such a positive impact on people’s lives and I want you to know how much it all means to us all. Thanks a million and good luck with all that you do going forward.”
“I cannot speak highly enough of Siobhain Egan and her team at Lewis Nedas Law. It is clear that Siobhain always wants the best for her clients, even if that is sometimes detrimental to her. She clearly has exceptional knowledge and experience, dealing with situations on an informed and proactive basis, which ensures her clients receive the most effective outcome. I would not want anyone but Siobhain looking after me.”
“I can't thank you enough for all you did for me, you worked so hard for me and gave me the very best advice throughout the trial. Thank you again and again.”
“I just want to thank you for all that you did for me in my battle with the News of the World and the Metropolitan Police. You believed in me from the beginning, your unwavering support and dogged determination to prove what I had been saying all along was true, kept me going through a very difficult period in my life when I thought that I had lost everything that I had ever worked for. You were fearless when dealing with that newspaper and the authorities and picked apart every statement made by the News of the World and the Met which led to the CPS deciding to drop the case.”
“I have been a client of Lewis Nedas since 2002 and the level of service and professionalism that they have provided me with has been second to none. My solicitor, Siobhain Egan, always goes beyond the call of duty in her pursuit of justice and leaves no stone unturned. Lewis Nedas provides a professional yet a very personal service to its clients, and you would be hard pushed to find a law firm in this day and age of such quality. It's been a pleasure having them represent me.”

Testimonials for Fiona Grandy

“This communication is in relation to your colleague Fiona Grandy and her genuine, pleasant and professional support of me over the last week. Since Fiona rang me last Friday re an allegation of assault by a female, Fiona has assisted me from beginning to end, by contacting the Police station at Lewisham, advising me, attending the meeting with the Police yesterday afternoon for an interview at 14:00 hours and being a legal foundation for me. Thanks a million for the exceptional service via Fiona Grandy, it has been a pleasure to meet her and to (once again), receive an outstanding service from Lewis Nedas Solicitors, no doubt one of the top solicitors in London.”

Testimonials for Richard Greenby

“Richard was the solicitor who acted on the sale of my house and the purchase of my new house. I can only applaud Richard's professionalism from start to finish. I was very encouraged by the first step that Richard took after we had instructed him, asking to come to the house that we were selling on a Sunday evening, where he met with myself and my wife and went trough the relevant forms and documents. Richard also expressed a keenness to see the house so he knew what he was dealing with, something that I absolutely agree with. Despite it being the weekend there was no limit on the time Richard was willing to spend with us that evening. During the process of selling and buying, Richard's patience was perpetual, his availability was constant and messages or emails were always replied to the same day. I also found that I would receive emails from Richard over the weekend, again working in his own personal time; this was not unusual. As is always the case with conveyancing, some unusual and unique queries can arise, at times Richard would say he would come back to me with the answer/his thoughts, as he wanted to look into it further; this showed to me that the level of accuracy he works to on a personal level and for his clients is extremely high and, more importantly, that Richard has the maturity and wisdom not to rush into something he may be unsure about and make sure that all the information is at his disposal before confirming either way. In a similar way Richard showed absolute calmness at all times. I honestly felt that with Richard acting for us, no stone was left unturned and he very much had our best interests at heart. Overall, it's a pleasure to deal with Richard.”
“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all you did to help [us]. Without your help, particularly when I moved, we couldn’t have completed. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and if I ever need any kind of legal advice in the future I’ll be giving you a call!”
“Richard, thank you for your phone message this morning regarding the completion of the sale of my flat. Great news! Thank you very much for taking care of all the legal issues involved. You made it a very stress-free experience for me.”
“It has been an absolute pleasure working on this file with you and very well done!”

Testimonials for Giovanni Lombardo

“I met Giovanni in mid August 2014, he was introduced to me and a good friend of mine. He offered me immediately a very professional assistance, and he was very kind explained me everything about my case, made me aware for any details. He keep me informed about important things for all the period I was involved in my case and finally he was able to manage my case at the court in the best way. I will recommend him to other friends for any issue in the future.”

Testimonials for Rhys Mardon

“Rhys Mardon is at the top of his game and one of the premier white collar defence lawyers. Not only does Mr Mardon offer a vast wealth of substantive knowledge and experience, I have found him to be extremely efficient and he executes response times with precision. He works well with keeping sensitive and complex information clear to achieve the best result for the client and avoids the parochial behaviour that can interfere with achieving the simplest and best solution for a business issue. His demeanour and personality enable clients to develop a trust and confidence in his advice. He understands the complexities of the matter; he is someone I know will consider not only legal strategy, but business practicalities in providing the best suitable outcome. His ability to develop a trust and confidence in his advice is something which I deem critical. I would highly recommend Rhys Mardon for all legal representations within this field.”
“Rhys provides extremely high client care and goes the extra mile. He is dogged in his pursuit of his clients' interests and does not flinch from a robust approach. He is honest about all aspects of his cases and his clients benefit from his overall diligent approach and the confidence they have that he is in their corner.”
“Quick, efficient and knowledgeable.”
“Excellent client skills – have recommended in some very delicate cases.”
“I was very happy with the way Rhys dealt with my case. Always professional and easy to talk to; always approachable and friendly. I felt like Rhys had my best interests at heart rather than someone who was being dealt with just to bring in a fee.”

Testimonials for Paul Mason

“I am very grateful towards your firm especially I would like to thanks Paul Mason who is a star in your firm! My case was complicated one I must regard Paul as he took great interest and worked very hard and contribute lots of effort to get me success! With Paul's great work the case went in my favour! Your firm should be proud of Paul as he is very hard worker who help people like me to get fair justice! I like to thank you, Paul Mason and my barrister!”

Testimonials for Richard McConnell

“Richard McConnell carried out conveyance for my family on 4 London flats, 1 sale and 3 purchases. In each instance he was excellent. The attention to detail and communication throughout the process was perfect. I have recommended Richard to several family members and friends who have been extremely pleased. I would have no hesitation in using Richard McConnell and Lewis Nedas in the future should the need arise.”

Testimonials for Penny Muir

“As you probably know by now I got found not guilty in court on all 3 counts. It’s a short letter to thank you … for all your hardwork, all the effort and time you put into my trial I am so relieved and so grateful to have my life back. You guys/ladys have been fantastic and I also want you to pass on a massive thank you to Mrs Soraya Lawrence. She done 100% for me in court, she didn’t miss out one single detail I even told her before the verdict no matter what happens you have done really really well and I am extremely happy with your work regardless of the outcome. But she really gave 110% for me and so did you … Penny during the build up to the trial. Please pass on a massive thank you to Mrs Lawrence and just let her know how much I appreciate all her efforts and likewise with you … Penny. I am so glad I changed my barrister after the Harrow Crown Court case. I honestly don’t feel I would have got the same result … Thank you all so so much.”
"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me so far. You are my true angel, I trust in your professional and in good friend. I know you do everything you possibly can and the good things is that you done everything from your heart with so much care and that is the beauty of it. I appreciated so much that you don’t even know. Every time I look at you or talk to you I see so much goodness in you, you are so good heart person I know and I trust in you one hundred percent and for bad or for good you will always be my friend I once thank you so much. I look forward seeing you at your office.”
“I am sorry to keep bothering you Penny but like I said before your help is so much appreciated that word’s can’t explain and I promise once I am out of hear I am going to come to your office with a big bunch of flower’s and a box of chocolate’s. And evern then I will still feel like that is not enough. Once again Penny thank you so so so much.”
“As you should know by now, I was found not guilty for the common assault. I think this will change my recall. … I was very happy with Sam even though I was found guilty he had some very good legal points. So thank you Penny for all your help. … Penny, I hope you are okay thank you for all your help it means a lot to me.”
“This is just a little note and gift of our gratitude. We appreciate everything you have done for Cengiz; the time, patience and effort that you have shown and given him. Thank you once again.”
“Thank you for all the work you've done for John and for being so very kind to me. Your advice and help to me is much appreciated.”
“Just a note to say thank you for all your help with my son. It was very much appreciated.”

Testimonials for Sean Reilly & James Reilly

“I contacted Lewis Nedas Law after they had had been instructed in two Scrap Metal Recycling cases in Oxfordshire and had had success in defending them. I found out later that they came highly recommended as experts in Proceeds of Crime cases, particularly in the recycling industry. I made contact with ... Sean Reilly and James Reilly and was impressed by their knowledge of the scrap industry, the undercover officers, and the way in which the State prosecuted these types of cases. I found them to be very positive and understanding and was reassured by their sympathetic view of our case and the terrible effect it had on me and my family. Their professionalism and expertise is, in my opinion, unparalleled but that pales into insignificance when you compare it to the support and compassion that they offered to myself, my wife and my children. Nothing was too much trouble; even though they are based in London, their availability at all times of the week, even at weekends and after office hours, was unparalleled. They are not just excellent lawyers but also decent caring people and I cannot thank them enough for the work they have done and for the support that they gave to us during the worst time of our lives. I hope I never find myself in the same situation again but if I ever do the first thing I'll be saying is “Better Call Sean!”.
“Thanks to you and your team for the management of my case. It was a tricky, very specific argument won convincingly by the team, who confidently faced an evasive and aggressive prosecution. I am grateful that you helped me weigh up my options and costs throughout. You made a difficult process very clear and your selected experts were critical in making sure justice did not escape me. Brilliant.”

Testimonials for Laura Saunsbury

“You and Nick are certainly the most knowledgeable and qualified in this field. You have both been brilliant in your support and efforts in my case. Thank you so much for caring and all your hard work.”
“We obviously got the best team of firearms lawyers in the country. I can’t thank you enough; you don’t know what you’ve done for me and my family”.

Testimonials for Keith Wood

“Thank you for all your help - your pastoral care certainly helped us through this very difficult period.”
“On personal note, I'd just like to thank you for your advice during what was an incredibly stressful time for me. I appreciate you were doing your job however I would never have imagined being in the situation I found myself in and therefore really appreciated your guidance and reassurance.”

Top Ranked Lawyers: Legal 500 

Celebrating 40 years of practice in 2022, we are leaders in criminal defence, serious fraud, serious crime and many other areas of legal practice. We have been involved in many leading cases over the last 40+ years and are well known for our genuinely high acquittal rate and overall success rate. Please click the Legal 500 logo below for more information about our rankings.

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“I was put in touch with Lewis Nedas Law through a mutual friend and I was not disappointed. The team were nothing but straight forward, honest and realistic about the nature of my case and the expected outcome from the minute I got in contact and were willing to take over from the previous company at very short notice. With their unrivalled experience and expertise in their profession the outcome was even better than expected and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”


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