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New Instructions for Lewis Nedas Criminal Defence Lawyers

  1. Leila Abdul-Rasool represents an individual charged with a large scale people trafficking prosecution;
  2. Unan Choudhury has been instructed to represent a professional man, facing multiple allegations of rape and sexual assault;
  3. Siobhain Egan has been instructed to advise on an Interpol red notice issued by the Government of Mongolia in connection with an allegation of corporate crime;
  4. Jeffrey Lewis is advising two businessman facing separate major Trading Standards enquires into the manufacture and sale of the same type of luxury item;
  5. Rhys Mardon represents an employee of major PLC who is an interested party in an inquest;
  6. Keith Wood has been asked to advise on an allegation of fraud (Ponzi) in the sum of £170 million.
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New Instructions for LNL Fraud Lawyers This Week

  • Paul Mason has been instructed in a multi-million pound fuel fraud;
  • Jeffrey Lewis is instructed in multi-million pound VAT fraud prosecution;
  • Siobhain Egan is instructed in multi-million pound charity fraud.

If you are facing an investigation or prosecution in relation to any type of fraud, contact our expert fraud lawyers on 0207 387 2032 or complete our online enquiry form here.

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Successes for Lewis Nedas Criminal & Fraud Defence

1. Keith Wood represented an individual who, along with two others, faced trial at the Central Criminal Court, following a prosecution brought by the NCA (National Crime Agency) in relation to conspiracies to import large amounts of class A drugs (cocaine). The NCA deployed undercover officers and believed that they had infiltrated a gang of Serious Organised Criminals importing large amounts of cocaine. This was a difficult and complex trial; a situation that was further aggravated by the late service (during trial) of additional material and prosecution evidence, i.e. CCTV, audio probe, and comprehensive telephone downloads. As a result of Keith’s diligent and meticulous preparation, he was able to use the fresh material to further support our client’s defence and innocence, and the jury acquitted him. Had he been convicted, he would have faced a prison sentence of 20 years. The advocates instructed were the excellent Graham Trembath QC, leading Rory Keene of Counsel, both of 5 Paper Buildings.

2. Sean and James Reilly represented a 13-year-old boy of good character, who found himself facing a prosecution concerning an alleged assault on a shopkeeper. He raised self-defence, which was supported by his co-defendant, and he was acquitted by the Youth Court. His parents had paid our legal fees and so were awarded a costs order.

3. Siobhain Egan has had an excellent week of success:

i. She represented a Director of a well-known British company, investigated for fraud. After making full written representations to the fraud authority explaining her client’s defence, demonstrating the numbers and accounts etc, the investigation was dropped.

ii. She also represented a businessman who faced investigation for assault, affray, and criminal damage. After lengthy interviews and written representations explaining the full background of the case, the police dropped the investigation.

iii. Additionally, a student teacher was also investigated for fraud and, again, after lengthy and fully commented interviews and written representations, proceedings were discontinued. Had he been prosecuted it would have ended a promising career.

4. Miles Herman represented a senior journalist with the Mirror Group, who had been under investigation for a number of years concerning allegations of phone hacking (under Operation Golding). The CPS announced on 15 December 2015 that they were discontinuing any criminal proceedings, including the investigation against our client.

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