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Sean Reilly Speaks to Local Press Regarding Recent Acquittal for Client

press-conferenceSean gave detailed comments on Operation Rhonda, which was a police prosecution targeting the recycling industry and scrap metal thefts, following the acquittal of clients at Bolton Crown Court who faced charges of money laundering and attempted handling of stolen goods.

Sean commented:

"BT and Railtrack had told the police, erroneously, that certain specification cable was only manufactured for their industry, and that it does not exist on the open market, that this cable can only be owned by BT and Railtrack. This was wrong. Companies that manufacture cable are happy to sell their cable to whoever will buy it, after all they are in business to make profit and the more they sell the more profit they make. Companies that buy from the manufacturers also sell off cuts on to the open market. The operation should not have targeted honest hardworking businessmen who work in a licensed trade. The authorities should concentrate on the unlicensed metal industry, where stolen metal is sold at hugely discounted prices and shipped out of the country in containers."

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Amazing Week of Acquittals for LNL Criminal Lawyers & Their Clients

acquittalsFurther to the acquittal of Mr Jacobs who faced trial for the murder of PC Blakelock last week, represented by Tony Meisels, LNL also had the following successes last week:

Misconduct in a Public Office

No action was taken against a former News of The World Journalist facing an allegation of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office. The allegation was that the journalist paid public officials for information in relation to high profile patients in Broadmoor. The CPS decided that it would not be in the public interest to prosecute on the basis of our client’s health issues.

Working closely with the excellent leading independent consultant psychiatrist Dr Mike Alcock, we worked consistently for over 16 months to collate a complete range of specialist reports in order to persuade the CPS not to continue with the prosecution. We were only able to do because the client paid privately for these reports, as legal aid is not available to assist anyone in a similar situation.

Siobhain Egan had conduct of this case.

Supply Of Class A Drugs

Penny Muir, instructing the stupendous Martin Lewis of counsel (the Senior Partner’s brother), represented a client at Snaresbrook Crown Court charged as part of Operation Carbon, a large-scale, covert operation run in the East End by the Metropolitan Police with the aim of disrupting the supply of Class A drugs.

The case against our client was that he had been identified by an undercover officer as a man who had supplied drugs to him. This officer was one of a number who purported to identify him as a drug supplier. As a result he was facing a possible sentence in excess of ten years if convicted. We believed the identification to be tainted due to a breach of Code D of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, so made an application to have the evidence excluded. We also felt that there had been poor disclosure of information and fought hard with the prosecution over this.

The judge ruled in our favour and as a result of the ruling, the Crown decided to offer no evidence against our client in relation to any of the charges against him. Our client was very relieved and happy with the result!


Paul Mason and the excellent Paul Crampin of counsel secured the acquittal of Paul’s client who faced two allegations of robbery at Basildon Crown Court.

Armed Robbery

Sean Reilly instructed yet another Reilly brother, Eiran, the brilliant Higher Rights Advocate, who secured the acquittal of an individual facing three counts of armed robbery. This was a five-week trial and the case was investigated by the Met’s Flying Squad (specialist armed robbery squad) and included complex evidence such as cell site evidence.

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Acquittals in Violent Disorder for the Reilly Brothers & LNL

riotJames Reilly was briefed by his brother Sean as advocate in a violent disorder trial at Oxford Crown Court, and secured yet another acquittal on two counts of violent disorder for his delighted client.

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Drugs Prosecution Acquittal Success for Leila Abdul-Rasool and Lewis Nedas

Leila Abdul-Rasool had a client who faced an indictment for conspiracy to import class A drugs, namely 3.9kg of opium and also some simple possession charges. It was a case involving four co-defendants, one of whom was the co-defendant’s brother-in-law.

On 7 February 2012 UKBA officers at Heathrow Airport detected a quantity of opium hidden at the bottom of two boxes. The parcels had been sent from Iran via Dubai to an address in Mill Hill London. A controlled delivery took place on 10 February 2012. The client was arrested when he was observed by officers helping his brother-in-law carry a box from the boot of one of the co-defendant’s car to his flat in Chelsea Harbour. It was the client’s case that he had no knowledge of the contents of the boxes and was just helping his brother-in-law carry the parcel to his flat (where the brother-in-law, normally resident in Iran, was staying). When his home was searched, the police found various paraphernalia associated with opium use. They also found distinct tea sets of the same brand and design that were found concealing the drugs in the parcels. The Crown therefore inferred there must have been previous consignments delivered. On this point, it was the client’s contention that these tea sets were purchased in England as a gift for his wife, by his son, who now lives in Brussels.

In preparation of the client’s defence, Leila visited various Iranian shops in Southwest and West London and managed to trace the same design of tea set, to show that these tea sets may well have been bought in London and were not part of other consignments. Leila gave evidence in court to this effect.

The client’s brother-in-law pleaded guilty before trial and the other two co-defendants’ defence was that they thought the parcels contained antiques from Iran.

After a three-week trial, our client was acquitted and was delighted with the result.



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Acquittal for Tony Meisels’ Client

The excellent James Stansfeld of Great James Street Chambers secured another acquittal for one of Tony Meisels’ clients after a strong and successful ‘half time’ submission at Blackfriars Crown Court.

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