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Recent cases of note which have attracted national and international publicity:

R -v- O – Murder case (client acquitted)
R -v- H – Murder case (client acquitted)
R -v- M – Stanstead Hijacking (client acquitted at first trial, PII Certificated served)
R -v- P – Beckham Kidnapping (client first to be acquitted)
R -v- M – Vast international money laundering / international drugs trafficking: first joint USA/UK prosecution (client acquitted)
R -v- A – Advance fee fraud (client acquitted)
R -v- N – Inland Revenue fraud (client acquitted)
R -v- M – Inland Revenue fraud (case dismissed)
R -v- K – Hawala fraud, £31 million (case dismissed)
R -v- M – Very large scale C10 fraud involving five major clearing houses / banks and the kidnapping of a solicitor (client acquitted)
R -v- M – Allegation of harassment involving a prominent UK businessman (case dismissed after written representations)
R -v- B – Confiscation proceedings involving seven jurisdictions
R -v- A – Conspiracy to blackmail / attempted murder case involving Kurdish gangland activity and very large scale RIPA operation (the Baybasin Operation)
R -v-A – Money laundering, very large scale RIPA operation (client acquitted)
R -v- L – Money laundering, £3 million (client pleaded guilty)
R -v- A – Money laundering, police corruption, wife of serving officer (case discontinued after written representations)
R -v- J – Attempted murder, Operation Trident (client acquitted)
R -v- O – Conspiracy to supply 60kg heroin (client acquitted)
R -v- B – Conspiracy to supply 45kg heroin (client acquitted)
R -v- M – Conspiracy to supply 40kg heroin (client acquitted)
R -v- U – Firearms conspiracy (client acquitted)
R -v- U – Conspiracy to supply heroin, Manchester (PII Certificate – client acquitted)
R -v- U – Conspiracy to supply heroin, London (client acquitted)
R -v- J – Conspiracy to supply cocaine (client only defendant acquitted)
R -v- C – Importation of heroin 70kg (client acquitted)
R -v- T – Conspiracy to import 2 tonnes of cannabis (client only defendant acquitted)
R -v- T – Conspiracy to supply 40kg (case dismissed)
R -v- T – Conspiracy to supply heroin (client acquitted)
R -v- C – Conspiracy to supply 200kg heroin (client acquitted)
R -v- C – International child abduction – three jurisdictions (guilty plea)
R -v- S – (Junior Advocate) Rape and murder of 90-year-old woman (guilty plea)
R -v- G – Conspiracy, hacking computers / mobile phones involving serving and former Metropolitan Police Officers – 25 defendants (the Jimmy Choo bugging case) (client convicted of 3 of 141 charges)
R -v- D – Murder (Mental Health Act disposal)
R -v- G – Conspiracy to corrupt serving Police Officers (guilty plea)
R -v- D – Conspiracy to possess/supply explosives/firearms (case dismissed)
R -v- A – Money laundering, large scale operation (client acquitted)
R -v- W – Rape involving a well known television personality (case discontinued after representations)
Operation Rize – seizure of 7,000 safety deposit boxes (joint SOCA / Metropolitan Police Operation), POCA investigations. Advised and represented over 50 clients, 98.8% of whom have had their property fully restored. Each client had a full HMRC (tax) investigation
R -v- F – Successful appeal against conviction (fresh evidence) indecent assaults on young person
R -v- S – £ Multi-million eBay fake designer goods fraud (client acquitted)
R -v- O – Trademark case involving Nike (value £2 million) (guilty plea, non custodial sentence)
R -v- T – Fraudulent banking conspiracy, prosecuted by the SFO (guilty plea)

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