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1. Acquittal for Dele Johnson’s client - Attempted Murder trial

Dele, one of our specialist criminal defence solicitors based at our East London office, successfully represented a client facing a trial at the Central Criminal Court following an allegation of Attempted Murder.
The background to the allegation involved an Organised Crime Group who wore feuding with another gang culminating in a gun attack.
Our client adamantly denied knowledge and involvement in the offence, Dele found an strong alibi witness who supported our clients defence, and instructed Eiran Reilly, advocate, who successfully argued against the Prosecutions applications to place evidence before the jury which implied that our client was a member of a gang.
Our client was acquitted.

2. Excellent sentencing result in HMRC prosecution for Vat and tax offences.

Siobhain Egan defended a businessman with a wide portfolio of businesses and properties, whom it was alleged had fraudulently avoided certain taxes for over 17 years.
HMRC took three years to prosecute the matter and alleged that our client owed over £1.75 million.
The proceedings were so complex, that it took over 12 months between the first appearance and the final sentencing hearing.
Specialist HMRC investigation and forensic accountants, Appleton Richardson, were instructed to reconstitute accounts going back some 17 years in order to calculate how much was owing, and were able to persuade a very reluctant HMRC team that the true principle figure owed was closer to £600,000.
This has a tremendous effect upon the custodial sentence which our client was facing, bringing the figure down from 10 Years imprisonment to 2.5 years.
He was able to raise funds to pay all liabilities to the HMRC.

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