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If you unexpectedly pass away without a will in place, your loved ones will be left in the dark regarding your desires. As they mourn, they will have to make difficult decisions about how to best administer your estate. Without a will, the process of distributing your assets can become expensive, drawn-out and can cause conflict among family members.

Creating and Changing Wills

Hiring an experienced lawyer to help you create or make changes to your will is imperative. A single mistake can cause your family unnecessary emotional and financial distress. Remember, you really can't take it with you. We encourage our clients to take all necessary steps to ensure their wishes are legally documented through their wills.

Making a Will

Writing a will is something many of us speak about but never get round to. However, if you want your wishes to be respected after you’re gone, it’s important to make a will. Otherwise, your estate will be divided according to law and some of your nearest and dearest may lose out. Writing a valid will takes some expertise so contact Lewis Nedas Law now.

For a will to be valid, it must meet certain criteria. For instance, it must be written. You must also be ‘of sound mind’ to execute a valid will. This is a good reason to write your will as early as possible.

Writing a will speeds up the division of your estate after your death, sparing loved ones some additional pain. It can also be used to avoid paying unnecessarty inheritance tax.

Unfortunately, the probate process can become contentious. Speak to a knowledgeable solicitor to protect your inheritance through an effective will. Our team will analyse your family and financial situation and ask questions you may not have previously considered. We can help you name suitable guardians for your children and executors of your estate. We will also help you anticipate potential obstacles and changes that you may encounter in the future.

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Our wills solicitors are equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to handle estates of any size. For further information or to submit a query about your legal matter, please contact our wills solicitors in London online.

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