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Whether you were travelling just a few miles per hour over the speed limit or you were going well over the limit, our expert motoring offence solicitors are prepared to advise you.

At Lewis Nedas Law, our motoring offences specialist department is highly experienced in dealing with all road traffic offences, including speeding offences.

Driving Offences and Penalty Points

The penalties for speeding can vary according to your driving history and how fast you were allegedly driving. If you already have points on your licence, you may be facing disqualification with additional points for speeding. If you were going 100 miles per hour or more, the penalties are more severe and may include significant fines and a driving ban.

Our solicitors are deeply familiar with the strategies the prosecution may use to prove you were speeding, as well as the appropriate defences.

Police in the UK use many different types of measurement devices to catch speeding drivers such as speed cameras, laser and radar guns and other devices. There are strict rules for calibrating these devices, as well as regulations for operating them. To build your defence, our lawyers may work with experts to investigate the source of your speeding charge and determine if the device used in your case was properly calibrated and administered.

Contact our speeding offence solicitors in London, UK

When charged with a driving offence in London, it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest possible stage in order to avoid penalty points and the loss of your licence. Contact our speeding offence solicitors at Lewis Nedas Law. for more information or to submit a query about your offence.

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