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June 2014   ‘The CPSA has got you Covered!’   Laura Saunsbury   Pull! Magazine
16 May 2014   ‘Property Matters: Ask Richard’   Richard Greenby
May 2014   ‘Proposed Changes to the UK Bribery Act’   Siobhain Egan   Financier Worldwide
18 April 2014   ‘Chancellor Rips up Property Envelopes’   Richard Greenby   The Jewish Chronicle
4 April 2014   ‘Property Matters: Ask Siobhain’   Siobhain Egan
April 2014   ‘Creepshots: The Invasion of Privacy that’s not a Sex Crime’   Gary Conway   Cosmopolitan
28 March 2014   ‘Need Advice if Stopped for a Road Traffic Offence?’   Miles Herman
11 March 2014   ‘SFO & CPS Publish Code for Deferred Prosecution Agreements’   Siobhain Egan   Defero Law
March 2014   ‘Bribery & Corruption’   Siobhain Egan   Lawyer Monthly
March 2014   ‘Spotlight on Bribery & Corruption’   Siobhain Egan   Finance Monthly
19 February 2014   ‘New Important Developments Regarding Super Injunctions’   Keith Wood
February 2014   ‘A Brief Overview of Recent Developments in the International Fight against Bribery & Corruption’   Siobhain Egan   Financier Worldwide
24 January 2014   ‘Regulators Unite on Misconduct’   Siobhain Egan   Lexis®PSL
17 January 2014   ‘Confiscation Update: January 2013’   Miles Herman   Defero Law
11 December 2013   ‘What Should You Do If You Have Been Charged or Summoned to a Criminal Court?’   Miles Herman
November / December 2013   ‘Longarms and the Law’   Laura Saunsbury   Pull! Magazine
7 November 2013   ‘What Should I Know about Buying Property at Auction: What are the Pros & Cons?’   Siobhain Egan   ‘Англия’ (‘Angliya’) Russian Newspaper
27 September 2013   ‘Ambitious Goals for New Anti-Bribery Act’   Gary Conway   The Jewish Chronicle
19 September 2014   ‘Computer Misuse: Hacking Sentencing Update’   Miles Herman   Defero Law
7 September 2013   ‘New Offences Proposed for Remote Gambling Operators’   Jeffrey Lewis & Siobhain Egan   The Society for Computers & Law
19 August 2013   ‘FCA Issues Fines for Enabling Market Abuse’   Siobhain Egan   Defero Law
August 2013   ‘The Banks & Money Laundering: Time to Atone’   Siobhain Egan   Financier Worldwide
August 2013   ‘The Banks & Money Laundering: Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa’   Jeffrey Lewis   Lawyer Monthly

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