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At Lewis Nedas Law we can help those who looking to live or work in the UK.

Many non-EU nationals, and now EU citizens who had not applied to the EU Settlement Scheme by 30 June 2021, will be required to apply for permission to be able to work in the UK.

Migrating to the UK can be a difficult and confusing process with ever changing rules and regulations the process has many pitfalls. The law is ever changing and sometimes changes are quickly brought in and difficult to keep up to date with.

Our specialist immigration services are designed to support you and your business with visa applications, as well as being available to individuals and families. 

We can advise on a wide range of Immigration law issues including:

By instructing us, your specialist immigration solicitor will discuss the various visa options with you, taking into account the outcome you are looking to achieve. Your immigration solicitor will be friendly and professional and support you throughout the immigration process; making sure you understand what is happening at every stage of the process.

We have many years of knowledge and experience in advising on immigration law and successfully submitting applications to the Home Office.

If you have had an application refused, we can also assist and will be able to support you with appeals to the Home Office and/or with Judicial Reviews.

Business Support

The Tier 1 Investor visa offered UK residency for between two to five years, depending on the size of investment into shares or loans in UK registered companies and was a popular route for some high net worth individuals that wanted to settle in the UK. Due to the government sudden withdrawal of this route the visa is no longer available but there are other options that may be available.

Some other alternatives for high net worth individuals include:

  • Innovator visa – This is available to migrants planning to launch a new ‘innovative’ business in the UK that delivers new products or services into the market. The scheme grants a three year visa which can be extended for another three years.
  • Global talent visa – This available to leaders in the fields of academia and research, arts and culture or digital technologies. This scheme requires an endorsement from an approved organisation and grants a five year visa which can be extended each time it expires.

The government will release information from time to time on new schemes but potential applicant should contact Lewis Nedas Law for specific advice and any replacement scheme for the Investor Visa

Sponsor Licence

In order to recruit and retain Skilled Workers in the UK, employers now need a sponsor licence. 

Obtaining a sponsor licence is an involved process where you are required to demonstrate eligibility and suitability requirements. 

For employers with a sponsor licence it is vital to maintain full compliance with the regulations given that EU and non-EU citizens now need to be sponsored in order to work in the UK.

Once you have been granted a sponsor licence, you will be able to recruit Skilled Workers from outside the UK. 

We will be able to assist your business with its application for a sponsor licence and to help you maintain your sponsor licence.

If you are faced with or have experienced a revocation or suspension of your sponsor licence, we will be on hand to work with you to seek its re-instatement.

Tier 2 - Skilled Workers

In order to meet the definition of “Skilled Worker”, the person must meet certain conditions and requirements, which often change and evolve but generally require a certain level of qualification, such as, NVQ Level 6 (or equivalent). Other conditions need to be met, which we can explain and help navigate.

As the employer, you will need to hold a Sponsor Licence, along with meeting all the other necessary criteria. The process is complex but for those who meet the requirements, this can be the easiest way to employ a foreign national.

Tier 2 - Intra Company Transfer Visa

Those working for multi-national businesses may be allowed to work in the UK where their employment transfers to the UK. The role/position needs to be a skilled one and the individual will need to secure a Tier 2 – Intra Company Transfer Visa before they relocate.

As the employer, you will need to have a UK branch or subsidiary (Limited Company or LLP) and it must have a certificate of sponsorship. If secured, the visa will allow the individual to work for a named employer in a specific role.

There are additional requirements here that do not apply to a Tier 1 – Skilled Worker visa, in that, the individual needs to meet and demonstrate additional requirements around, for example, their finances and ability to speak English.

Tier 5 - Temporary workers

There are various types of temporary worker visas that allow people to work in the UK. In order for these to apply, you, as the employer, will need a Sponsorship Licence.

There are various options when looking at Temporary worker visas and specialist guidance and support should be obtained from our specialist team.

Business Visitor Visa

We are able to advise businesses and individuals on the extent to which they can rely on the visitor category, which might prove an easier / quicker option than other options.

With a Business visitor visa, there are limitations on how long you can remain in the UK (typically, 6 months in any 12 month period) and there are some strict conditions that apply to this category, which need to be respected and which we can explain, if this is the best option for you.

We will advise you on whether the visitor category is suitable for your intended trip to the UK. We will ensure you have a clear understanding of what can and cannot be done when staying in the UK under the business visitor visa.

Advice for Individuals

Spouse Visa

This type of visa will allow you or your spouse /partner to live in the UK for 30 months. Non-EU citizens may apply for a UK Spouse Visa if they are already married to a UK citizen, UK refugee or a person with ‘settled status’ in the UK.

Obtaining a Spouse Visa is often the first step towards permanent settlement status in the UK, as holding a Spouse Visa should lead to you being able to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain.

The main requirements for obtaining a Spouse Visa are that the relationship is genuine and subsisting. Proof of marriage is required and one or either of you need to have a certain level of annual income.

There are set criteria that need to be met and we can guide you on the process. It is best to get advice to ensure you are clear as to the requirements and process.


If you have held Permanent Residence or Indefinite Leave to Remain for a minimum of 12-months and have lived in the UK for over 5 years, you can apply for Naturalisation as a citizen of the UK.

If you are married to a British citizen and have Indefinite Leave to Remain and have resided in the UK for, at least, 3 years, then you also meet the criteria needed to start the application process for Naturalisation.

Becoming a British citizen allows you to work and live anywhere in the UK without immigration control constraints.

Naturalisation is a process that individuals must complete if they wish to become a British citizen. Once secured, a Naturalisation certificate is issued; allowing you to apply for a British passport.

We can help you through the application process for Naturalisation as a British citizen with the best chances of getting the positive outcome desired.

Indefinite Leave to Remain

Those who have secured Indefinite Leave to Remain and/or Indefinite Leave to Enter no longer have any time constraints on their ability to stay in the UK.

There are various routes to Indefinite leave to remain and not all routes can lead to indefinite leave therefore it's best to seek expert advice. From time to time the rules will change and the law updated. Our specialist immigration lawyer has obtained indefinite leave for countless numbers of applicants.

Refusals and Appeals

If you or a family member have had an immigration application refused, we are here to help.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all immigration matters, including Appeals Administrative reviews, Bail Applications, Deportation Orders and Judicial Review Challenges.

Please do note that you can only appeal if you have the legal right to do so and you will usually be told whether or not you have the right in your decision letter.

There are strict time limits that apply to appeals. Time is of the essence, so please contact us urgently in the event your application is refused.

If you do not have a right of appeal, our immigration solicitors are experienced in advising on Administrative Review and Judicial Review challenges against refusal decisions, as an alternative option. 

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Our specialist lawyer, Vinod Sharma charges out at £350.00+ vat per hour and where possible can offer fixed fees per case. He will be happy to discuss this.

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