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At Lewis Nedas Law, we understand what you are going through, and we are here to shoulder the legal burdens for you, so you can focus on remembering your family member.

If you were appointed the executor of an estate in the deceased's will or another estate planning document, our probate solicitors can assist you in administering the estate efficiently and accurately, according to your loved one's wishes. We will manage the distribution of assets to beneficiaries, the selling of assets and any other matters outlined in the will. It is important to consult an expert probate solicitor to avoid unnecessary expenses, delays and disputes amongst family members.

Estate Administration

If your family member died without a will (intestate), the process can be more complicated. Our solicitors can help you apply for a grant of letters of administration, which will allow you to administer the estate in compliance with the rules of intestacy. We will then walk you through the estate administration process, ensuring you are in full compliance with the law.

We are prepared to handle every type of estate administration case, from the smallest to the largest of estates. At Lewis Nedas Law, our lawyers take pride in offering 'city firm' standards of service at reasonable, realistic pricing levels. For further information or to submit a query, please contact our London probate solicitors online or call 0808 231 7039.

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