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Grounds for Judicial Review

Judicial Review is where the courts determine whether or not a public authority's decision is lawful. It is a way to challenge how a public organisation carries out their public function and is used to ensure that the public body does not exceed the powers given to it by the law.

Any organisation that exercises a public function can have its decision scrutinised (on application) by Judicial Review by the High Court. Judicial Review is used to assess the actual decision that has been made – focussing solely on the decision-making process. It is only to be enforced as a last resort where all other avenues to resolve any grievances or concerns have been tried. If there is no other option and the organisation is shown to have acted illegally, unreasonably or unfairly, then the court can opt to set aside the decision or make the organisation do something to make up for the error.

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Released under investigation - what it really means for you

Everyday thousands of individuals throughout the Country are either invited in for voluntary interview under caution by police, or arrested, interviewed under PACE (police and criminal Evidence Act 1984) and then released under investigation.

In our blog dated May 2017, see link here. We explain the practical and legal ramifications of such a decision by Police - it makes for vital reading and explains the importance of instructing leading, top ranked, proactive, assertive defence solicitors/lawyers who achieve the best results.

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