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Sean ReillyPartner

With 20 years' legal practice experience behind him, together with his own independent commercial interests, Sean brings a myriad of experience and commercial acumen with him.

His areas of practice include the successful defence of general serious crime, fraud, instigating private prosecutions on behalf of a variety of businesses, defending sports (criminal, regulatory and disciplinary) proceedings across the entire sports spectrum, defending numerous clients within the waste disposal and scrap metal industry (again facing either criminal or regulatory proceedings), and those within the private security industry facing similar issues.

He has, along with his brother James, a healthy, buoyant client base in both Oxford and London and have high acquittal and success rates.

He is sports mad (literally): cricket, rugby, skiing, football. He undertakes a great deal of charity work in connection with these individual sports and has many contacts within the professional and amateur sports world, including national sportsmen and women and their agents, hence his sports regulatory and disciplinary practice.

Testimonial for Sean Reilly, James Reilly & Richard Demczak

“I contacted Lewis Nedas Law after they had had been instructed in two Scrap Metal Recycling cases in Oxfordshire and had had success in defending them. I found out later that they came highly recommended as experts in Proceeds of Crime cases, particularly in the recycling industry. I made contact with Richard Demczak, Sean Reilly and James Reilly and was impressed by their knowledge of the scrap industry, the undercover officers, and the way in which the State prosecuted these types of cases. I found them to be very positive and understanding and was reassured by their sympathetic view of our case and the terrible effect it had on me and my family. Their professionalism and expertise is, in my opinion, unparalleled but that pales into insignificance when you compare it to the support and compassion that they offered to myself, my wife and my children. Nothing was too much trouble; even though they are based in London, their availability at all times of the week, even at weekends and after office hours, was unparalleled. They are not just excellent lawyers but also decent caring people and I cannot thank them enough for the work they have done and for the support that they gave to us during the worst time of our lives. I hope I never find myself in the same situation again but if I ever do the first thing I'll be saying is “Better Call Sean!”.

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