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Lewis Nedas Law are London-based solicitors. Frequently rated in both Chambers UK and The Legal 500, we can help you or your business today. Tel: 020 7387 2032.

Recent results for Lewis Nedas Law expert criminal defence lawyers

  1. gavelExcellent historic sexual allegation result for Lewis Nedas client and Tony Meisels; Tony represented an individual facing a long history of allegations of historic sexual assaults and rapes by family members, which were said to occur when all parties were either children or in their teens. Tony instructed the excellent Dee Connolly of Counsel. The client entered guilty pleas to two counts concerning one individual but denied the remaining allegations.

    As a result of detailed and difficult preparation for trial and Ms Connolly's superb advocacy, our client was acquitted of the numerous remaining allegations. He was sentenced by a highly experienced trial Judge and received a suspended sentence of imprisonment and a community sentence. The CPS then decided to Attorney General (AG) Reference the case, on the basis that they felt the the sentence was too low and inappropriate. Tony and Ms Connolly drafted a clear and comprehensive letter of objection to such a course, explaining the full circumstances and what had happened in court. This was enough to persuade the CPS to drop their proposed AG Reference.

    We have been successfully defending sexual allegations for many years, including the often more complex, difficult and sensitive historic sexual abuse allegations. We do so discreetly and in a low key manner, at reasonable rates and using the very best advocates and experts.

  2. Siobhain Egan successfully represented a political lobbyist investigated for dishonesty allegations; After making strong representations to the investigating authority, all matters were dropped;

  3. Another successful outcome for firearms specialist Laura Saunsbury; In February 2017 an ordeal lasting nearly a year finally came to an end for a firearm and shotgun certificate holder who was accused of threatening his neighbour with a machete. Our client was acquitted following a two day trial at Lewes Crown Court. The case was expertly prepared by our firearms and weapons law specialist Laura. At the trial our client was skilfully represented by barrister Zeena Begum of 4 Kings Bench Walk, as demonstrated by the fact it took the jury only 18 minutes to reach a unanimous not guilty verdict. In expressing his appreciation our client had this to say about the way we handled his case: “I truly believe without Laura and Zeena I would have lost my case. So happy and relieved they got justice for me”.


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Laura Saunsbury profiled in the leading CPSA shooting magazine, Pull!

cpsaLaura Saunsbury, who heads our specialist firearms law department, has been profiled in the April 2017 edition of Pull!, the magazine for members of the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, which is distributed each month to its 24,000 members. In the article Laura talks about her work as the Honorary Solicitor to the CPSA and what led her to specialise in firearms law. To read the article in full, click here.



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Militaria collector spared jail in another success for Lewis Nedas client and firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury

ammunition 1In another success for firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury and LNL, one of the country's most well known militaria collectors was spared from a jail sentence after pleading guilty to possession of a small quantity of live ammunition.

A two year ordeal which began in September 2014 finally came to an end in late September 2016 when Judge Carroll in sentencing our client at St Albans Crown Court stated "there is nothing wrong with your hobby... I accept you had no criminal intent". The case attracted considerable media attention, particularly at the time of our client's arrest and was later profiled on an episode of the BBC Countryfile programme.

A fireman with a keen interest in military history, our client admitted possession of a small quantity of live ammunition but was cleared of the majority of the charges.

Laura's careful preparation of the case, which included working closely with the leading independent expert witnesses on firearms and explosives, David Dyson and Stephen Aldred, was key to the successful outcome. In court our client was most ably represented by the specialist firearms barrister Nick Doherty who persuaded Judge Caroll that even a suspended prison sentence was not necessary and to limit our client's punishment to unpaid community work.

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Change in Law on Deactivated Firearms in Force from 8 April 2016

The EU Regulation (EU 2015/2403) comes into force on 8 April 2016 which requires that all deactivated firearms placed on the market for sale from that date anywhere in the EU, including within the UK, will conform to the new standard on deactivation as specified in the Regulation. Strictly, the EU Regulation becomes legally binding without the need for further domestic legislation to introduce it into UK law.

In her capacity as the Honorary Solicitor to the Deactivated Weapons Association, the UK trade body for retail sellers of deactivated weapons, our firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury has been considering the implications of the EU Regulation and what sanction could be imposed for failing to comply with it.

A new offence has very recently been added to the Policing and Crime Bill currently going through Parliament, which proposes a number of significant changes to the law relating to firearms. If the Bill becomes law it will then give formal effect to this EU Regulation by making it a criminal offence to transfer to another, whether by selling or giving it, a ‘defectively deactivated weapon’ i.e. one not deactivated to the EU standard. This will also include making available for sale or transferring to another EU state any such weapon.

However, until such time as this Bill is actually passed as an Act of Parliament and entered on the UK Statute Book, it would appear that there is currently no criminal offence in UK law for which a person can be arrested and prosecuted by the Police or other UK law enforcement agencies if they sell or place on the market for sale a deactivated firearm which fails to comply with the EU deactivation standards.

The EU Regulation does not affect owners of UK deactivated weapons who simply wish to continue keeping them at home. It will only become an issue if and when you are considering selling your deactivated weapons or giving them away.

Lewis Nedas Expert Firearms Lawyers

If you are a seller or owner of deactivated weapons and need expert advice on how this EU Regulation may affect you, contact our firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury on 020 7387 2032 or complete our online enquiry form here.

For further information on the Deactivated Weapons Association, visit their website here.

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