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Another successful Firearms appeal for Lewis Nedas Law

firearm certificateOur in-house Firearms Law specialist Laura Saunsbury recently acted for the brother of a Member of Parliament in his appeal against the revocation of his shotgun certificate. The Metropolitan Police’s decision to revoke our client’s certificate was based on a number of false complaints to the police by his ex-girlfriend. Laura prepared a comprehensive bundle of evidence for our client rebutting these allegations. Having considered the evidence and Laura’s written representations on behalf of our client, the police were persuaded to reinstate his shotgun certificate without the need or expense of a contested hearing. On receiving the good news our client’s reaction was as follows; 

“Absolutely fantastic news, and congratulations on achieving this for me. I am so delighted, thank you very much for all you’ve done. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone with similar problems”.

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Firearms suitability reviews - Early legal help can resolve them more quickly

ammunition 1Our firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury is regularly instructed to advise firearm or shotgun certificate holders whose suitability to remain a certificate holder is being reviewed by the police. Suitability reviews are on the increase and as a result in many police force areas there is a growing backlog of such cases, leading to extended waiting times before reviews are completed. Laura Saunsbury has had considerable success in a number of recent cases in persuading the police to complete their reviews more quickly than they would otherwise have done, and also to resolve them in favour of her clients. Seeking early legal help from our expert firearms law team can sometimes avoid revocation and so result in your guns and certificates being returned far more quickly, and at far lower cost, than if you have to challenge a revocation decision by taking an appeal to the Crown Court.

In one such case recently, our client, who is a keen clay target shooter and regularly takes part in competitions, contacted us two months after the police had removed his guns and certificates. Within a fortnight of us taking on the case, Laura Saunsbury had secured their return. Our grateful client and his wife expressed their appreciation in the following terms; 

“Thank you so much for your assistance in all of this, Laura, we were very impressed with the work you put in on my behalf.  Prior to your involvement we really did think there was strong chance I would not be getting my guns or certificates back, and had it not been for you, I don’t believe  I would have got them back. Having you on board has been amazing.”

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Another success for Lewis Nedas law and Laura Saunsbury in Firearms Certificate Revocation case

firearm certificateA retired deputy head teacher in Southern England who had held his firearm and shotgun certificates for more than 50 years, sought the help of our firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury after the Police revoked his certificates following an unfortunate road accident. With Laura’s help an appeal was lodged and detailed representations were made to the Chief Constable to carefully review the revocation decision. Very soon afterwards our client’s certificates were reinstated by the Police without the appeal ever having to go into court. In writing to express his appreciation he said the following; 

There is no doubt in my mind, Laura, that your name and expert input were instrumental in achieving the reversal of my firearms licence revocation. I am absolutely delighted and thank you once again for your invaluable help and support in this matter.”

If the Police have revoked or refused to renew your firearm or shotgun certificate, contact us for expert advice. In some cases we may be able to resolve matters for you quite quickly by negotiation and at relatively low cost.


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Another Successful Outcome in a Firearms Appeal for Lewis Nedas Law client and Laura Saunsbury

firearmsThe reputation of our firearms law specialist  Laura Saunsbury for success in firearms licensing appeals continues to spread, as demonstrated by the fact that she increasingly receives instructions from clients not only across the south-east but from all over England & Wales. Her current caseload includes firearms appeals to Crown Courts in locations as diverse as Bristol, Oxford, Lewes, Hull and York.

Laura has considerable success in resolving cases early without the need for a contested appeal hearing. Earlier this month in one such case, North Yorkshire Police were persuaded to reconsider their refusal to grant her client a shotgun certificate after reviewing the strong bundle of evidence she compiled in support of his appeal and the accompanying representations she made on his behalf. In that case our client had this to say about Laura’s handling of the case:

"Laura provided me with the concise expertise and specialist knowledge required in my appeal against the refusal of a shotgun certificate. Her approach was detailed and professional whilst being extremely empathetic and approachable. She understood my situation immediately and assisted me in obtaining the correct character references required and the presentation of evidence. The case was dropped and my certificate issued following expert intervention from Laura"

Laura is happy to provide the personal approach of a face to face meeting for more anxious clients or in more complex appeals where the case requires it. However, her experience in this field is such that she is adept at getting to grips with the key issues in the case and obtaining the relevant information from her clients without the need to physically meet them in every case. Discussions can be held via telephone, email, and video conferencing where required. Distance should therefore not be a bar to seeking Laura’s expert help in connection with firearms licensing matters. If you are a member of one of the national shooting organisations you may have legal expenses insurance which would cover your legal costs in a firearm licensing appeal.

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