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Latest Instructions & Results for LNL & Keith Wood

gavelKeith, who is one of the firm’s partners, has been tremendously busy:

  1. Currently defending a major NCA drugs prosecution;
  2. Representing individuals who are facing extensive and serious planning offences spanning over ten years;
  3. Missing Trader Frauds – one case currently under investigation estimated value over £10million;
  4. Currently defending a client on trial facing MTIC fraud in excess of £2million;
  5. Several excellent results in HMRC prosecutions, which resulted in clients facing fines rather than terms of imprisonment.
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Now another Issue for Buy to Let Landlords to Worry About: Cannabis Farms

Recent reports in the property press, founded upon complaints made by surveyors, focus upon the spike in the number of cannabis farms fund by surveyors when assessing BTL properties for re-mortgaging.

The National Landlords Association has issued the following advice to cover landlords facing this issue:

  1. Don't be tempted to accept 6 months’ rent in advance, as it could be considered to indicate potential criminal activity;
  2. Befriend the neighbours and ask them to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious;
  3. Carry out quarterly checks and make sure that you see every room including lofts/cellars/outside sheds/garages etc;
  4. Look out for:
    1. Increased humidity in the property;
    2. Strong smell of air fresheners (to cover the smell of the plants);
    3. Unauthorised rewiring;
    4. Spikes in electricity bills.

Additionally, our specialist criminal lawyers can assist you any additional advice that you may require. Contact us on 0207 387 2032 or complete our online enquiry form here.

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This Week’s Successes for LNL Criminal Solicitors

Successful Outcome in Wounding Case

Miles Herman has successfully represented a defendant facing serious wounding charges which, had he been convicted of, would have resulted in a significant custodial sentence.

The prosecution in this case were confronted from an early stage by evidential difficulties highlighted by the defence.

The client, understandably, was delighted by the outcome.

Operation Carbon Sentencing Succes

Penny Muir (assisted by Dan Jones) represented a client who faced allegations of supplying drugs to undercover Metropolitan Police officers. Additionally she faced charges related to handling stolen goods which were dropped by the CPS upon receipt of the defence case statement drafted by LNL.

The client received a sentence of some 2 years and 4 months, which flew in the face of the recently drafted sentencing guidelines on drugs. She was represented by the able Martin Lewis of Castle Chambers.

Yet another satisfied LNL client.

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Series of Successes for LNL Lawyers

Drug Sentencing Success for Penny Muir & LNL

Penny Muir was recently instructed to represent a man charged with taking drugs into one of Her Majesty's prisons.

Offences of this type are taken extremely seriously and case law dictates that they should normally attract custodial sentences with a starting point of around 18 months. Nick Ornstin represented the client at the Crown Court, where he was given a non-custodial sentence of community service and a Curfew Order.

This decision flies in the face of current sentencing guidelines on the supply of drugs to prisoners in jail, which would normally attract an immediate custodial sentence of some length. The client was relieved and delighted!

Cash Forfeiture Success for Layna Thompson & LNL

Layna acted for a young couple who were stopped by the authorities at the airport and had £93,000 cash seized from them. The couple explained in detail at the time, that they had both been working in the restaurant business and the monies were their earnings over a specific period.

They explained that they lived rent free with a relative, worked six days a week and, more often than not, worked double shifts. The authorities refused to accept that anybody could work that hard!
As a result the couple found themselves in court, defending cash forfeiture proceedings.

Thanks to Layna's thorough and diligent preparatory work, and Counsel's excellent advocacy, nearly £90,000 of the seized money was returned to the clients.

"We want you to know that we are both more than grateful for all your help and work that you have provided us. We wouldn't be where we are now without your huge amount of work. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs them." – the clients

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank my instructing solicitor (Layna) for her exceptionally high quality of work in preparing the spread sheet exhibits that were instrumental, if not, the deciding factor in the outcome of the case" – Lucie Wibberly (counsel) of 1 Pump Court

Police Community Support Officer Acquitted of Fraud: Another LNL Success

The officer was charged with supplying counterfeit cosmetics on eBay, following a complaint from an eBay customer and Chanel. He was arrested and his home was searched where some sixty-one cosmetic items were seized.

He faced eight counts of dishonesty at Snaresbrook Crown Court and, following representation by the superb Alistair Grange of counsel (1 Pump Court), he was quickly acquitted of all counts by the jury.

These allegations, if proven, would have had considerable and far reaching consequences for a man in his position. He was delighted with this result.

Sean and James Reilly were the instructing solicitors dealing.

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Two Robbery Acquittals within a Week for LNL Lawyers

Third time unlucky

Sherene Wallis represented a young man, a convicted drug dealer, who faced an allegation of robbery. Throughout, our client has asserted that he had not robbed the alleged victim, a former Para-Olympian but that there had been a dispute regarding unpaid drugs monies.

As part of her thorough preparation, Sherene requested any details of the alleged victim’s previous convictions, and was presented with a long list. Not only that, but it appeared that he had raised similar allegations in two separate trials on previous occasions.

Dominic Bush of counsel (Castle Chambers) successfully won a detailed and lengthy legal argument which persuaded the trial Judge to order full disclosure of both previous allegations which were then put to the alleged victim. His response was to declare that the previous night he had received a telephone call threatening him if he gave evidence in court!

Thankfully the jury acquitted, to the delight of the client and his family.

An 'eyebrow alibi

Sean Reilly represented a man charged with the armed robbery of a restaurant delivery driver, who was in possession of the restaurants takings. The victim stated that although the robber was disguised, he was sure that he recognised our client, whom he had met on at least thirty occasions, from his exposed eyes and eyebrows!

Our client had raised alibi and stated that he believed the robber was his cousin, who had exactly the same name and was of similar description.

Sean's thorough preparation and the superb advocacy of Martin Lewis of counsel (Castle Chambers) secured our client’s acquittal!

Another delighted LNL client.

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