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Now another Issue for Buy to Let Landlords to Worry About: Cannabis Farms

Recent reports in the property press, founded upon complaints made by surveyors, focus upon the spike in the number of cannabis farms fund by surveyors when assessing BTL properties for re-mortgaging.

The National Landlords Association has issued the following advice to cover landlords facing this issue:

  1. Don't be tempted to accept 6 months’ rent in advance, as it could be considered to indicate potential criminal activity;
  2. Befriend the neighbours and ask them to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious;
  3. Carry out quarterly checks and make sure that you see every room including lofts/cellars/outside sheds/garages etc;
  4. Look out for:
    1. Increased humidity in the property;
    2. Strong smell of air fresheners (to cover the smell of the plants);
    3. Unauthorised rewiring;
    4. Spikes in electricity bills.

Additionally, our specialist criminal lawyers can assist you any additional advice that you may require. Contact us on 0207 387 2032 or complete our online enquiry form here.

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New Instructions for LNL Tax, Fraud & Criminal Lawyers This Week

  • Multi-handed VAT fraud (Paul Mason dealing)
  • Fraud on a major high street bank (Jeffrey Lewis and Siobhain Egan dealing)
  • Tax fraud (Jeffrey Lewis dealing)
  • Class A drugs trafficking prosecution at Manchester Crown Court (Siobhain Egan dealing)
  • Factoring fraud on the NHS and a high street bank (Siobhain Egan dealing)
  • Large scale Proceeds of Crime prosecution by the NCA (Miles Herman dealing)
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Acquittal in Hertfordshire multi million pound Cocaine conspiracy .

R v H and others. Cambridge Crown Court Jeremy Ornstin represented the sole defendant acquitted out of fifteen defendants, all of whom pleaded guilty or were convicted in connection with the wholesale supply and retail distribution of cocaine in Luton, Hitchin and Letchworth.

H was a close associate of several others amongst the hierarchy of the conspiracy, and was suspected of carrying a kilo of drugs on the day when he was intercepted by under cover police. He avoided the police attempt to arrest him, believing that it was attempted mugging. He alone was acquitted after a re-trial.

Criminal Defence Lawyers London

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, contact us now. Click here to get in touch with our london criminal defence lawyers.


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Stunning drugs supply acquittal achieved by Jeremy Ornstin

Jeremy Ornstin, the head of advocacy at Lewis Nedas Law has achieved yet another outstanding success on behalf of one of our clients.  Jeremy secured the acquittal of a client facing a serious drugs acquittal prosecution, following a long, difficult and complicated trial.

If you have been accused of drug-related offences, contact Jeremy Ornstin by clicking here.


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Drugs Prosecution Acquittal Success for Leila Abdul-Rasool and Lewis Nedas

Leila Abdul-Rasool had a client who faced an indictment for conspiracy to import class A drugs, namely 3.9kg of opium and also some simple possession charges. It was a case involving four co-defendants, one of whom was the co-defendant’s brother-in-law.

On 7 February 2012 UKBA officers at Heathrow Airport detected a quantity of opium hidden at the bottom of two boxes. The parcels had been sent from Iran via Dubai to an address in Mill Hill London. A controlled delivery took place on 10 February 2012. The client was arrested when he was observed by officers helping his brother-in-law carry a box from the boot of one of the co-defendant’s car to his flat in Chelsea Harbour. It was the client’s case that he had no knowledge of the contents of the boxes and was just helping his brother-in-law carry the parcel to his flat (where the brother-in-law, normally resident in Iran, was staying). When his home was searched, the police found various paraphernalia associated with opium use. They also found distinct tea sets of the same brand and design that were found concealing the drugs in the parcels. The Crown therefore inferred there must have been previous consignments delivered. On this point, it was the client’s contention that these tea sets were purchased in England as a gift for his wife, by his son, who now lives in Brussels.

In preparation of the client’s defence, Leila visited various Iranian shops in Southwest and West London and managed to trace the same design of tea set, to show that these tea sets may well have been bought in London and were not part of other consignments. Leila gave evidence in court to this effect.

The client’s brother-in-law pleaded guilty before trial and the other two co-defendants’ defence was that they thought the parcels contained antiques from Iran.

After a three-week trial, our client was acquitted and was delighted with the result.



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