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Lewis Nedas Law are London-based solicitors. Frequently rated in both Chambers UK and The Legal 500, we can help you or your business today. Tel: 020 7387 2032.

Successful Results for Criminal Department

super-lawyer-comicSean Reilly represented a client at Brent Magistrates’ Court for an offence of having no insurance. Our client was a passenger waiting in a friend’s parked car, and a police officer asked him to move his friend’s vehicle 100 yards down the road. His colleague then promptly arrested our client for driving without insurance. The matter was withdrawn on the facts.

Unan Choudhury represented a client at Snaresbrook Crown Court who was accused of ABH following a dispute with a neighbour. It was alleged she attacked her neighbour and broke the thumb of her neighbour’s daughter who was aged under 16.

We were able to expose the Police’s failure to investigate this offence properly: there was evidence available to the Police at the time that confirmed the victim never suffered a broken thumb, and the victim herself knew what her injuries were at the time she gave her statement, as she had already seen the doctors. Despite this, the CPS still charged our client with ABH based on the victim’s statement.

The police officer investigating this matter was heavily criticised by the judge and did not attend court to give evidence, instead sending another officer in his place. At the conclusion of the trial and following our client’s acquittal, the Judge ordered his Inspector to write to the Court explaining the officer’s failings.

Our client was understandably very happy and she was a financial professional whose career would have been over had she been convicted. Guy Draper of Pump Court Chambers was the advocate in this case.

Unan also represented a client charged with possession with intent to supply class A drugs at Croydon Crown Court. The client was stopped by Police in a vehicle containing a large amount of class A drugs and a substantial amount of cash. This was the second time in a year that he had been arrested for possession with intent to supply class A drugs, the first occasion resulting in an acquittal.

On this occasion we were able to put forward a plea on the basis that he was only involved in social supply to his friends to feed his own addiction. The judge was persuaded by our arguments and our client’s mitigation and suspended his custodial sentence.

Our client was very happy indeed as this was the second time in a year he was facing a custodial sentence with a starting point of 3 years in prison and has avoided going to jail!

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Drugs Re-Trial Acquittal for Penny Muir & LNL

cocainePenny Muir recently represented an Albanian client at the Central Criminal Court who, together with eight other men of Albanian, Russian and Lithuanian origin, was charged with conspiracy to supply a substantial quantity of cocaine.

Penny's client pleaded not guilty along with one other defendant. The first trial took place at the Central Criminal Court in December 2013, and the jury convicted the co-defendant but were unable to reach a verdict on Penny's client. On a re-trial in January 2014, Penny's client was tried again, and this time was acquitted.

This was a difficult case with a great deal of telephone and observation evidence. The trial was very carefully prepared, and the client was ably represented by Christopher Surtees-Jones, counsel from 4 Breams Buildings instructed by Penny to conduct the trial. The client was naturally delighted at the outcome.

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Another Serious Drugs Conspiracy Acquittal for Unan Choudhury & James Stansfield of Counsel

Unan Choudhury acted for a young man facing a variety of serious drugs offences involving class A and B drugs. The very talented James Stansfield of counsel (Furnival Chambers) was the advocate in the case.

Both lawyers worked diligently, preparing complex legal argument that persuaded the prosecution to drop three of the charges, but the CPS insisted upon prosecuting our client for possession with intent to supply 500g of cocaine at 80% purity.

Our client had maintained his innocence throughout, however five days before trial the CPS served upon us 5,000 pages of detailed telephone call schedules, text message schedules, and surveillance schedules.

Unan and James meticulously analysed all this documentation and, despite this pressure, were able to persuade the jury of our client's innocent association and who then unanimously acquitted him.

Another delighted LNL client!

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More Criminal Defence Success for LNL & Unan Choudhury

Yet another example of our successful, pro-active approach to criminal defence. Unan Choudhury represented an individual stopped when driving a car in the early hours of the morning. Police found a substantial amount of cocaine hidden behind the panel near the driver’s seat, together with a substantial amount of cash and two mobile phones.

After raising a robust legal argument the Judge directed that the client be acquitted.

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Acquittal in Hertfordshire multi million pound Cocaine conspiracy .

R v H and others. Cambridge Crown Court Jeremy Ornstin represented the sole defendant acquitted out of fifteen defendants, all of whom pleaded guilty or were convicted in connection with the wholesale supply and retail distribution of cocaine in Luton, Hitchin and Letchworth.

H was a close associate of several others amongst the hierarchy of the conspiracy, and was suspected of carrying a kilo of drugs on the day when he was intercepted by under cover police. He avoided the police attempt to arrest him, believing that it was attempted mugging. He alone was acquitted after a re-trial.

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