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Lewis Nedas Law are London-based solicitors. Frequently rated in both Chambers UK and The Legal 500, we can help you or your business today. Tel: 020 7387 2032.

More recent instructions for Lewis Nedas Law serious criminal defence solicitors

  1. cuffsUnan Choudhury represents one of seven defendants facing trial in connection with multi million fraud charges and money laundering;

  2. Sean Reilly represents an individual charged with assisting an offender in a high profile murder allegation;

  3. Sean also acts for a defendant in another separate murder prosecution.


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Recent successes for Lewis Nedas Law specialist Serious Crime defence solicitors

  1. criminal defenceAcquittal in kidnap prosecution; Sean Reilly acted for an individual accused of a number of allegations including kidnap and false imprisonment; he denied the allegations and faced trail at the Crown Court. He was acquitted after legal argument raised by the excellent John Carmichael of Counsel.

    James Reilly was instructed by another law firm to act as advocate for the co-defendant, who was also acquiited after legal argument;

  2. Unan Choudhury represented a young defendant, who faced a multi defendant indictment concerning a gang land stabbing. After Unan submitted detailed and strong submissions to the CPS, the prosecution was discontined against our client.


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Another Acquittal for Lewis Nedas client facing Sexual Offence Prosecution

sex offencesUnan Choudhury represented a client of good character, who faced 4 allegations of sexual penetrative activity made by a very vulnerable Complainant who suffers from a mental disorder.

The CPS alleged that the Complainant’s mental disorder precluded her from being able to give consent to sexual activity.

The Crowns case relied upon the report of their expert, a psychiatrist, who concluded that because the Complainant’s IQ was below that of an average 13 year old, she would not have any understanding of consent or contraception.

Unan instructed a leading Consultant Psychologist to prepare an independent report on behalf of his client, noting that the CPS expert had not taken into account the Complainant’s interview with police, known as an ABE (assisting best evidence). During that interview with police, it was apparent that the Complainant did understand the concept of consent and knew what contraception was. She recognised what a condom was, and stated that one was used when she was with our client. This contrasted with the interview completed by the Crowns psychiatrist in the presence of the Complainant’s mother. Our expert concluded that the Crowns expert had not seen nor taken into account the ABE interview, and that it was very likely that the Complainant was embarrassed and hindered by the presence of her mother during the interview with the Crowns expert. Our defence expert concluded that this was a fundamental weakness within the Crowns report.

These issues were brought to the attention of the Trial Judge, who was sufficiently concerned and ordered that the Crowns expert reassess his report in light of our expert’s conclusions. This was done, and the CPS expert concluded after his reassessment that he could not conclude any longer that the Complainant could not consent because of her mental disorder.

As a result the CPS decided not to proceed with the prosecution, ending a lengthy and stressful ordeal for our client.

This is yet another example of the detailed, cutting edge, thorough defence work that we pride ourselves in, 'leaving no stone unturned', while instructing the very best defence experts.


If you are facing a sexual offence allegation, please contact our specialist criminal defence lawyers on 0207 387 2032 or use our online enquiry at

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The Investigator - A British Crime Story - ITV

itvLast night saw the end of the excellent docu-drama 'The Investigator: A British Crime Story'; which focused upon the disappearance of Carole Packman, over 30 years ago.

The series focused upon the activities of Ms Packman's husband and his conviction for her murder. He, along with two others, were convicted at a later date (after Ms Packman's disappearance) of an audacious insurance fraud, during which it was claimed the husband died after falling overboard whilst at sea.

Jeffrey Lewis acted for one of those defendants and stated that it was one of the most interesting and difficult cases to deal with, which ran parallel to the investigation by Police of Ms Packman's murder.

You can watch the full series, here.

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