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More acquittals for Lewis Nedas Law Serious Crime defence lawyers

  1. Jury Room 010Adam Shaw secured an acquittal for a schoolteacher: A school teacher was charged with an offence contrary to the Public Order Act - the complainant was a family member. The defendant instructed that the allegation was malicious. Adam obtained details of numerous non-criminal allegations made by the complainant against the defendant and made a successful non-defendant bad character application. After adducing the previous allegations at trial, Adam cross examined the complainant and then made a submission that there was 'no case to answer'. The submission was successful and the charge was dismissed. A Defence Costs Order was also granted;

  2. Sexual offence acquittal for Tony Meisels' client: Aquittal on a sex case at Snaresbrook Crown Court; our client L was aquitted of sexual assault by penetration with the jury debating for only 90 minutes. This case concerned two work colleagues who ended up In bed together after attending a colleague’s leaving drinks. The issue for the defence was one of consent. The case was meticiously prepared by Tony Meisels of this firm and counsel at the re-trial was Toby Long of 15 New Bridge Street;

  3. Drugs case acquittal for Unan Choudhury's client: Unan successfully represented a professional man accused of possession of class A drugs (heroin) - the client was acquitted after trial. Martin Lewis of Counsel represented the defendant.
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More successful results for Lewis Nedas Law serious crime defence lawyers

  1. gavelUnan Choudhury secured acquittals in the following cases:

    a) A client who faced trial at Birmingham Crown Court and an allegation of conspiring to blackmail; and

    b) A professional driver accused of sexual assault upon a minor. 

  2. Keith Wood represented an individual accused of money laundering, the case was stopped by the trial Judge after legal submission at the close of the prosecution case, and directed a Not Guilty verdict.

  3. Siobhain Egan represented a professional man who was eventually, after a two year period, charged and pleaded guilty to an offence of possessing over 6,000 indecent images of children. This is very obviously an extremely serious offence and the Sentencing Guidelines indicate that a lengthy and immediate custodial sentence would be appropriate. However, our client sought help from specialist experts at the earliest opportunity; he completed specialist courses and pursued therapy. Expert psychologist and psychiatric reports from leading practitioners were obtained and presented to the Court. Those together with the excellent advocacy skills of Ms Nicola Cafferkey of Counsel (33 Bedford Row) were sufficient to persuade the Court to impose a suspended sentence of imprisonment.

  4. Siobhain also represented a senior City Finance professional investigated for dishonesty; as a result of her detailed representations upon her clients behalf, the investigation was stopped by the investigating authority at a very early stage.

  5. Miles Herman represented a client charged with a series of indecent child images. Again, this was a serious case which would ordinarily warrant an immediate custodial sentence, however, as a result of diligent case preparation and his advocacy (Miles conducted the mitigation hearing himself) a suspended sentence of imprisonment was imposed by the Sentencing Judge.


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Latest successes for Lewis Nedas specialist Serious Fraud defence lawyers

SFOSiobhain Egan successfully represented:

  1. A property lawyer investigated following an allegation of dishonesty and fraud, after Siobhain submitted robust submissions; and

  2. A professional individual arrested some years ago following a SFO investigation into a multi-million (in excess of £50 million) property pension SIPP fraud. Finally, the SFO formally closed the investigation this week. 

    Siobhain had made strong representations about the investment during interviews and the management of her clients case throughout this lengthy process. She has been successfully advising individuals facing SFO investigations (such as Company Directors, Senior Company Management, solicitors and accountants) since 1992. She is well known for taking a firm, robust stance with the SFO, particularly in the face of an increasingly and unnecessary aggressive approach by the agency. The SFO is primarily a criminal investigation and prosecution authority, and this is why our specialist Serious Fraud lawyers excel when dealing with the SFO, because they have decades of the necessary and successful experience.

    The recent legal issues concerning privilege and the management of both internal and SFO investigations in the press, underline the need to instruct criminal defence lawyers who know how to deal with:

    Interviews under caution and s2;
    Disclosure; and
    Legal professional privilege, - and who can keep the pressure on this organisation, its lawyers and its financial investigators, throughout the very lengthy investigative process.

    This is an agency which opens many more investigations than it prosecutes.

If you are facing an allegation of serious fraud, or if you suspect that your company needs to self report to the SFO, then contact Lewis Nedas law using our enquiry form at or call us on 02073872032

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New instructions for Lewis Nedas Law leading criminal and serious fraud defence solicitors

  1. frauda) Jeffrey Lewis is advising a Care Home Company facing criminal proceedings regarding neglect of patients;

    b) Jeffrey is also advising and representing an established businessman facing money laundering criminal proceedings; Keith Wood will assist him on this case.

  2. Sean and James Reilly represent an individual who is possibly the last remaining defendant to face allegations of involvement in the Hatton Garden heist. These proceedings have attracted Nationwide Publicity and will be robustly defended.

  3. Keith Wood has been instructed in three separate money laundering (criminal proceedings), a substantial fraud matter and defends High Court Contempt (criminal proceedings) in relation to a website.

  4. Siobhain Egan has been instructed to defend in an international art fraud investigation.


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More successful results for Lewis Nedas Law Criminal and Fraud defence lawyers

  1. police interviewThe Reilly brothers secure yet another acquittal in the Crown Court: James Reilly (advocate) and Sean Reilly (solicitor with conduct) represented a man of good character, accused of committing an offence of indecent exposure in a public place in the presence of an 11 yr old child. Our client denied the offence throughout, giving a full and credible explanation when interviewed by police, who nevertheless decided to prosecute. He was robustly defended by the Reilly’s, who meticulously prepared his defence, and was acquitted by the jury after a short deliberation;

  2. Success in the Court of Appeal: James Reilly (advocate) and Unan Choudhury (solicitor with conduct) successfully represented an individual who was originally sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 4.5 years, however, after hearing his appeal it was reduced to 2.5 years.

  3. Siobhain Egan successfully represented a banker accused of rape: Our client was invited in for a voluntary interview with police. He arranged to see Siobhain beforehand, who carefully went through his instructions that all sexual activity was consensual. Wary of the recently highlighted issues concerning evidential disclosure, Siobhain went through his texts, emails, WhatsApp/Instagram photographs and tracked his use of Uber taxis that evening, which substantiated his defence and identified potential witnesses together with CCTV cameras and more. 

    When interviewed, and before he handed his only phone to Police, it was disclosed to the officer that this material was in the phone and he was carefully taken through that material. After considering the material, the investigation was quickly determined and no further action was taken.

    This was an exceptionally stressful experience for our client, who is a man of good character and who had never been interviewed by Police before this incident. It also emphasizes the need for thorough, pro active and diligent defence preparation before Police interview, and the importance of analysing material on phones/social media to support the clients defence, which could then be raised in interview. Not every client is going to have this opportunity.

    If arrested, the police would normally take the arrestees phone on the spot, and it is not always possible to think clearly or remember accurately, all communication which may have passed between the individuals involved, mid arrest. It does show the importance of having a reputable, pro active defence lawyer who should make a point of asking the arrestee, as soon as possible, whether there is any material on a phone/social media/app, which could assist the defence and undermine the Prosecution case against the arrestee. Otherwise, it presents tremendous difficulties for a criminal defendant and leads to complex legal issues concerning disclosure, ploughing through thousands of pieces of correspondence and a likely remand in custody before trial.

  4. Siobhain also represented an accountant who was suspected and investigated for a criminal offence of dishonesty and fraud: After robust submissions were made, the matter was discontinued.

  5. Fare Evasion success for Tom McLaughlin and LNL client: We were instructed by a trainee professional who had been investigated by a private prosecutions team working for/with a major rail company concerning a potential prosecution for fare evasion. It was obvious from the clients instructions that s/he had important issues to raise with the rail company’s prosecutors, and we wrote a detailed multi page letter explaining the situation, 7 months ago. The Prosecutors did not reply to that or other subsequent chasing letters. When we complained to the Court, they too failed to receive any response from the Prosecutors. 

    It was impossible to be put through to any lawyers in that department, because as we later found out from the rail company’s unhelpful Customer Services Department, there are not any lawyers or indeed anyone to speak to in the Prosecution team! Eventually the matter was listed for trial at the Magistrates Court and Tom McLaughlin, one of our excellent defence solicitors, attended court and explained the situation, and the case was dropped by the presenting prosecutor! Had anybody bothered to read the correspondence in this case when it was received, the whole situation could have been avoided. 

    This raises important issues about the dangers of Private Prosecutors bringing criminal prosecutions. There is no consistency in approach, they work completely unaware of their duties pursuant to the Code for Prosecutors and their duties of disclosure/to review the decision to prosecute throughout the process.


If you are facing a criminal prosecution (private or state) and need advice and assistance, please contact us. You can do by telephone on 02073872032 or, use our enquiry form at

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