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New Acquittals and Instructions for Lewis Nedas Specialist Crime and Fraud Lawyers

  1. handshake woman and manAnother acquittal in a rape prosecution trial for Lewis Nedas Law client.

    Siobhain Egan represented a businessman who faced two sets of separate proceedings involving rape and sexual assault allegations; he was acquitted at his first trial in July 2016 and again following the second separate trial in November 2016.

    The superb David Nathan QC represented Siobhain''s client at both trials;

  2. Jeffrey Lewis and Siobhain Egan instructed to advise upon potential appeal for individual convicted of £53 million fraud, which attracted nationwide publicity and subsequent confiscation proceedings .The appellant was represented by another firm of solicitors at trial;

  3. Unan Choudry is instructed in multi-million money laundering allegation.
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More Acquittals for Lewis Nedas clients and their Specialist Criminal and Fraud Lawyers

  1. gavel 2Leila Abdul-Rasool represented an individual facing allegations of historical sex assault and trial in the Crown Court. As a result of Leila's determined approach to both the preparation of the case and requests for disclosure, the CPS decided to drop the prosecution a week before trial;

  2. Siobhain Egan represented a banker facing a police investigation for fraud. As a result of strong representations made to the police, the investigation was dropped;

  3. Penny Muir represented defendants in three separate trials over the last two months, and all three of her clients were acquitted:

    a) In the first matter, she represented a man who was a professional in the financial services industry and had no previous convictions. He was charged with a number of offences of possession with intent to supply drugs, and also possession of counterfeit currency. The case took well over a year to come to trial and during that time, our client was extremely anxious and stressed. Penny instructed the brilliant young barrister, Sam Trefgarne, of 23 Essex Street Chambers, to represent him, and our client was acquitted after less than an hour’s deliberation by the jury. We are proud to say that Sam worked for a year at Lewis Nedas Law before taking up his place as a trainee barrister at chambers. We predict a great future at the bar for him;

    b) Penny’s client in the second trial was charged with two matters of false imprisonment and two matters of assault. The circumstances were very serious, and involved a dispute about money. Penny instructed Douglas Page of Breams Buildings, who dealt well with a number of difficult legal and factual issues in the trial, including the use by the prosecution of our client’s previous convictions in the case against him, but again the jury took just over an hour to acquit him;

    c) Finally, Penny represented a lady of previous good character who was charged along with others in a fraud and money laundering trial which lasted two weeks. Penny instructed the excellent Charles Langley of 2 Bedford Row Chambers and again, our client was acquitted by the jury. She was naturally delighted and relieved as her health had suffered due to the stress of the proceedings.


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Acquittal in Serious Historic Sex Abuse Trial for Lewis Nedas Law Criminal Defence Lawyers This Week

sex offencesSiobhain Egan represented a retired businessman and Chairman of a well-known charitable organisation, who faced historic allegations of sexual assault. The client was acquitted of all counts after a difficult trial.

A great deal of detailed preparation was involved including the instruction of private enquiry agents, the order of cell site evidence by the defence, visits to the location in question and gathering alibi evidence, and so forth.

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Acquittals for Lewis Nedas Law clients who faced criminal charges this week

child pornSean Reilly represented an individual facing a series of rape allegations arising from the client’s membership of a fetish organisation - he was fully acquitted of all charges.

       His advocate was the excellent John Carmichael of 4 Breams Buildings.

Siobhain Egan represented a highly respected film director and artist, accused of possession of indecent photographs of children under 18 years of age.

He was first arrested three and a half years ago, immediately telling the authorities that the images would have been connected with his research work on forthcoming projects.

There was considerable delay in the final prosecution of this case, primarily because there was a problem with the Met police forensic investigation of the images.We instructed a leading firm of independent forensic computer experts who specialize in the analysis of computer pornography, who concluded that the limited access to the images was not typical of a Paedophile. We were also able to prove a timeline correlation between access to the images and our clients work projects. Additionally, the majority of the images were downloaded from a well-established US website, which contains a disclaimer stating that all the images were of models over 18years of age! This of course was something that would be been clear to the prosecuting authorities had they chosen to check before deciding to prosecute.

We had repeatedly asked the CPS to review the prosecution, and secured three wasted costs orders against the CPS because they failed to comply with orders of the Court, and in one    occasion even failed to turn up for a court hearing. Eventually, the CPS agreed with our findings and agreed to withdraw the case - on the day of trial!

The excellent Mark Cotter of 5 St Andrews Hill chambers was the advocate instructed.

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Major Land Banking Fraud Acquittal for Lewis Nedas Law client and Keith Wood

super lawyer comicKeith Wood acted for one of the principle defendants in a major land banking fraud which was tried at Liverpool Crown Court. The case started in 2009 as a result of the collapse of the company; the directors were called for interview by the insolvency practise. It was then referred to the Fraud team to investigate and resulted in charges being laid against 12 defendants in March 2015 and finished last week after a 12 week trial.

The investigation concerned an allegation that an organised gang in 2006  had obtained  land  sites which at low value would never be granted planning permission, as it was green field sites situated in flood plains. Plans were then professionally drawn up with estate plans and plots were marketed as being potential investments and then sold on via dedicated sales teams. The trial involved 9 defendants, our client being fifth on the indictment as he was a principally the head of the sales team and thereafter became a director of one of the companies involved in the scheme.

The losses were substantial, involving some 269 individuals who had lost in total many millions of pounds.

The case involved a huge amount of complex material including analysis and presentation of banking evidence. Rory Keene, barrister from 5 Paper Buildings, worked with Keith on this and presented a position in court which meant that the Jury accepted our client’s account, which had been carefully put forward in the initial interviews by us some 18 months earlier. The result of the extreme hard work put in by both Rory and Keith meant that after 6 days of deliberation, our client was the last defendant to be acquitted. All those higher than him on the indictment had been convicted, and indeed two of those further down were also convicted.

The delighted defendant remarked that that Rory and Keith were his very own dream team and he could not have been looked after any better. The defendant would have lost everything on conviction, but as a former soldier and police officer he has kept his exemplary character and indeed of course has avoided a lengthy prison sentence and confiscation process.

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