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SFO: Perhaps the Phoenix Will Rise from the Ashes, After All?

A quick analysis of the SFO’s recent activities shows that the SFO director David Green does mean business and has secured additional funding in order to do so.

Finally, the SFO have lost patience with ENRC and all that has gone on with that company regarding an investigation into African bribery and corruption. This is a good example of a potential civil settlement going badly wrong and it looks likely that a criminal inquiry will now get underway since the SFO have served a s.2A notice.

The SFO also want to draw a line under the Rolls Royce corruption allegations originating in Indonesia, and are apparently considering a Civil Recovery Order. Presumably, this case would have been an ideal candidate for a Deferred Prosecution Agreement, however these will not come into effect until February 2014. They also seem to have BUMI and the alleged missing £48 million within their sights, and finally perhaps some movement on the Libor criminal inquiry. The SFO are currently advertising for a lawyer to assist with their endeavours in this regard.

It seems that the SFO have secured additional funding after having had their budget slashed in the Government’s recent austerity drive. They have increased income to a new high of £6.6 million in 2011/12 as a result of asset seizures, secured £3.5 million for the Libor criminal inquiry from the Treasury, and also ‘blockbuster’ funding for any investigation deemed to cost more than £1.5 million.

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New Instructions for LNL Civil Litigation Lawyers

Jeffrey Lewis is advising upon two major property litigation matters for members of the Russian community.

Happily, we have Russian speaking legal staff and experienced property lawyers to assist in these two complex property litigation matters.

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Yet another Acquittal for LNL Criminal Lawyers!

Our own excellent in house barrister Danny Barnard secured yet another Crown Court acquittal for an individual facing a very serious firearms allegation.

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New Instructions for LNL Criminal Lawyers

Penny Muir has been instructed in two criminal cases. She is representing one of eleven defendants facing a conspiracy to supply class A drugs, and another client facing a serious dishonesty conspiracy.

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Drink Driving Rules to be Tightened

The most dangerous drink drivers will now have to pass a medical before they are allowed back on the roads under a change in the law announced by Road Safety Minister Stephen Hammond.

The changes, which come into force from 1st June 2013, mean that High Risk Offenders will need to pass a medical confirming they are no longer alcohol dependent at the end of their disqualification - and before they start driving.

At the moment, all High Risk Offenders must pass a medical examination before they can be issued with a driving licence following their disqualification. However, drivers can start driving as soon as they have applied for their driving licence. Evidence suggests that some High Risk Offenders delay their medical in order to continue driving. The changes will prevent High Risk Offenders from driving until they have passed their medical examination and been granted a licence.

The changes also mean that drink drivers who refuse to give permission for a blood sample to be analysed will now be High Risk Offenders. This means that they will only get their licence back following disqualification if they pass the required medical.

Contact Lewis Nedas' Criminal Lawyers in London

For specialist legal advice please contact our solicitors Jeffrey Lewis or Siobhain Egan on 020 7387 2032 or complete our online enquiry form here.

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