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Lewis Nedas Law are London-based solicitors, frequently rated in both Chambers UK and The Legal 500. With over 30 years’ experience as specialist solicitors in central London, UK, we can help you or your business today. Tel: 020 7387 2032.

Lewis Nedas Law are London-based solicitors, frequently rated in both Chambers UK and The Legal 500. With over 30 years’ experience as specialist solicitors in central London, UK, we can help you or your business today. Tel: 020 7387 2032.


Recent instructions and successes for Lewis Nedas Law and Commercial and Litigation Solicitor Annabelle Randell

stack newspaper pile croppedRecent Instructions 

  1. Acting for two adult children who have not been properly provided for in their deceased parent’s will. Annabelle has issued court proceedings against the estate of the deceased, which is valued at c. £2million;

  2. Acting for an adult child whose siblings, as executors of her late father’s estate, have refused to provide any information about the value of her father’s estate for 6 years. Issuing court proceedings to compel siblings to disclose all information required and claiming percentage of those assets following the intentions of the deceased’s will to benefit our client;

  3. Instructed by an individual in relation to a debt claim.  As part of the court proceedings, Annabelle has issued an urgent application to compel the Defendant to attend a Court hearing to be cross-examined in relation to her current financial position;

  4. Annabelle has opposed a bankruptcy petition, where the sum is still in dispute and where the petition was served incorrectly by a petitioner who did not consider the rightful procedure in serving bankruptcy proceedings.


Recent Successes

  1. Successfully negotiating a higher settlement figure on behalf of a former Director who had been dismissed by a company in a purported redundancy situation;

  2. Winding up a UK company on behalf of a former Director in respect of an unpaid Director’s loan in the sum of c. £150,000.00;

  3. Successfully removing squatters from our client’s commercial property, within four working days of instruction, in order that the property be sold to a prospective buyer with no effect on the conveyancing transaction;

  4. Settling a claim against our client in the sum of c. £260,000.00 where our client now need only pay £12,000.00 towards the overall judgment against him, this being in full satisfaction of the debt owed.


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Another successful result for Lewis Nedas and Litigation and Commercial Solicitor Adam Creasey

landlord and tenantAdam Creasey fought for a commercial tenant who was facing an extortionate rent increase for a sought after property in West London.

The matter was eventually referred to an Adjudicator who determined that the existing rent was in fact too high and that consequently the landlord was not entitled to a rental increase or his costs.


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New instructions for Lewis Nedas Law criminal defence specialist lawyers in Oxford

cuffsRichard Demczak represents the following:

  1. An Oxford Student facing allegations of rape and sexual assault;

  2. An individual facing trial concerning the leak of a noxious gas in Oxford (administering noxious gas with intent to endanger life, and witness intimidation - this case has attracted nationwide publicity); 

Sean Reilly represents:

  1. A property professional accused of rape;

  2. An individual facing extradition to Spain;

  3. A client in a forthcoming fraud trial.
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Firearms suitability reviews - Early legal help can resolve them more quickly

ammunition 1Our firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury is regularly instructed to advise firearm or shotgun certificate holders whose suitability to remain a certificate holder is being reviewed by the police. Suitability reviews are on the increase and as a result in many police force areas there is a growing backlog of such cases, leading to extended waiting times before reviews are completed. Laura Saunsbury has had considerable success in a number of recent cases in persuading the police to complete their reviews more quickly than they would otherwise have done, and also to resolve them in favour of her clients. Seeking early legal help from our expert firearms law team can sometimes avoid revocation and so result in your guns and certificates being returned far more quickly, and at far lower cost, than if you have to challenge a revocation decision by taking an appeal to the Crown Court.

In one such case recently, our client, who is a keen clay target shooter and regularly takes part in competitions, contacted us two months after the police had removed his guns and certificates. Within a fortnight of us taking on the case, Laura Saunsbury had secured their return. Our grateful client and his wife expressed their appreciation in the following terms; 

“Thank you so much for your assistance in all of this, Laura, we were very impressed with the work you put in on my behalf.  Prior to your involvement we really did think there was strong chance I would not be getting my guns or certificates back, and had it not been for you, I don’t believe  I would have got them back. Having you on board has been amazing.”

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“They haven’t paid, and now I think they are hiding their assets” A practical guide to Freezing Orders (Part 1) by Ian Coupland, Head of Commercial and Litigation at Lewis Nedas Law.

gavel 2It is everyone’s concern: you are owed a large sum of money, and the person or company who owes you the money (the debtor) seems to be putting their money offshore or hiding it away. Maybe they are selling their house. What if they transfer their money with a mouse-click and disappear? How will you be paid then?

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