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Laura Saunsbury was interviewed by CNN on 18th December 2012, explaining the differences between UK gun legislation and that of the United States, such was her success that she has been asked back to speak on another CNN television show on 22nd December 2012.

Siobhain Egan was interviewed on AL Jeezera on 19th December 2012  about the deficiencies of UK criminal legislation vis a vis criminal prosecutions and the Libor scandal.

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New Criminal Laws: Tough Action on Stalking

Two new laws are now in force, making stalking a specific criminal offence for the first time. The new laws are part of a package of new government support to prevent domestic and sexual violence.

"Stalking is an appalling crime that destroys lives. The impact on victims can be devastating and we are doing all we can to make sure they have the protection they need and do not have to live in fear," says Crime Prevention Minister Jeremy Browne. "These new offences send a clear message to offenders that stalking is a serious crime and they will be brought to justice for making others' lives a misery."

The new laws - which carry a maximum prison sentence of five years - will provide extra protection for victims and help bring more stalkers to justice.

The Crime Prevention Minister also announced a package of extra support to tackle violence against women and girls, which includes:

  • a £150,000 fund for Domestic Homicide Reviews to help local areas prevent future domestic violence tragedies;
  • the launch of a new declaration against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) - a pocket-sized leaflet designed to be small enough to carry when travelling to help protect those most at risk;
  • an additional £50,000 funding to support frontline agencies tackling FGM; and
  • the re-launch of the Teenage Rape Prevention Campaign aimed at changing attitudes and stopping young people becoming victims of rape or sexual violence.

To arrange a consultation with our specialist criminal lawyers in London please contact Jeffrey Lewis or Siobhain Egan.

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Unauthorised Trading Conviction Leads to Fine

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has fined UBS AG (UBS) £29.7 million for systems and controls failings that allowed an employee to cause substantial losses totalling US$2.3 billion as a result of unauthorised trading.

The trader, Kweku Adoboli, has been convicted of two counts of fraud by abuse of position and sentenced to seven years' imprisonment.

Speaking after the conviction, Andrew Penhale, deputy head of fraud at the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "Behind all the technical financial jargon in this case, the question for the jury was whether Kweku Adoboli had acted dishonestly, in causing a loss to the bank of $2.3bn. He did so, by breaking the rules, covering up and lying. In any business context, his actions amounted to fraud, pure and simple.

"The amount of money involved was staggering, impacting hugely on the bank but also on their employees, shareholders and investors. This was not a victimless crime."

UBS agreed to settle at an early stage and therefore qualified for a 30% discount under the FSA's executive settlement procedures. Were it not for this discount, the fine would have been £42.4 million.

To arrange a consultation with our specialist employee fraud lawyers in London please contact Jeffrey Lewis or Siobhain Egan.

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Drink/Drive – Government Has New Plans

Currently, those accused of drinking and driving whose readings are towards the lower end of the scale (lower than 50mg per 100ml) are entitled to demand blood/urine tests that are carried out by doctors only.

That is likely to change next year, as the government intends to allow nurses to perform the tests and, once mobile testing kits have been approved, roadside evidential tests will be admissible.

This is likely to generate a plethora of litigation as a result.

If you are facing a drink/drive prosecution contact Jeffrey Lewis immediately. If convicted you are likely to lose your licence, which in turn will have a drastic effect upon your ability to work and/or take children to school etc. Jeffrey has a terrific success record in these cases.

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IPCC to Be Given New Permanent Powers

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is to be given new permanent powers to assist them with the enormous task of dealing with the Hillsborough Inquiry’s conclusions of cover up and collusion.

The much-criticised and beleaguered IPCC will now be able to compel serving police officers and staff as witnesses. They are also allowed to re-investigate the previous findings of its predecessor, the Police Complaints Authority.

The IPCC has recently faced criticism concerning the conclusions of some of its major investigations, in particular, deaths in custody, and many point to the fact that such a high percentage of its investigators are former police officers. In its defence, the IPCC have encountered enormous difficulties when dealing with police under investigation who, quite reasonably in our adversarial system, have exercised their right to silence.

There is no doubt that the IPCC have a huge task in front of them; apparently, they are likely to be examining 2,444 officers and analysing 450,000 pages/documents.

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