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Prosecutions for fare evasion are on the increase. Such prosecutions are regularly brought by Railway companies from across the United Kingdom and Transport For London (including London Underground, London Overground and London Buses).

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Criminal Prosecutions, until recently, have been relatively infrequent and in the majority of cases if someone had travelled without a valid ticket and there was an opportunity to buy one they would ordinarily have received a penalty fare or been issued with an Unpaid Fare Notice.

However in recent times whilst penalty fares are routinely issued prosecutions are becoming more frequent.  The prosecution authorities are taking a more hard line approach to matters of fare evasion and prosecutions are routinely bought under the Regulation of Railways Act 1889 and the Fraud Act 2006.

Prosecutions are brought if the prosecuting authorities suspect an individual of having deliberately avoided to pay a fare.

An individual might be accused of travelling with intent to avoid paying a fare if they:

  • Did not buy a ticket and travel without a ticket
  • Deliberately avoid a ticket inspector
  • Travel on a ticket/oyster card issued to another person
  • Intentionally travel further than the ticket/oyster card allows them to
  • Jump over or deliberately pass through ticket barriers without paying

The list above is not exclusive and there are other circumstances where prosecutions may follow.

The approach to prosecuting fare evasion has been the subject of recent high publicity cases where individuals and in particular professionals have been prosecuted for travelling on the railways for a number of years without a valid ticket/travel card.   This has resulted in prosecutions under the Railway Regulations Act and linked civil proceedings for the recovery of monies for fares avoided over a considerable period of time.

The consequences of a conviction for fare evasion can have disastrous consequences for all individuals and in particular professionals for whom convictions would result in notifications to their professional & regulatory bodies of any convictions of any offences involving dishonesty.

With the stakes as high as they are it is imperative that anyone facing prosecution for fare evasion receives expert and specialist advice at an early stage of proceedings and at Lewis Nedas Law we are able to provide that thorough and comprehensive advice.

If prosecutions are brought either by the railways or Transport For London it is imperative that individuals seek advice on the bringing of those proceedings.  It is often necessary to make robust and specific written representations to the prosecuting authorities prior to a court appearance and invite the authorities based on the specific circumstances of an individual’s case that as an alternative to a prosecution an individual could enter into a written agreement not to repeat the conduct alleged and to pay the costs of the prosecution to date.

The entering into such an agreement avoids the case proceeding to court and crucially for the individual stops the possibility of them receiving a criminal record for an offence of fare evasion.

We are specialists in this area of law and have dealt with prosecutions brought by the major bus and train companies all over the UK.  We are familiar with their policies and have in depth knowledge of the approach to take with each authority that prosecutes a range of offences connected with fare evasion.

We are further specialists in advising individuals who are likely to be banned or disqualified from practice and/or facing regulatory (eg FCA  or another professional body) and employment or disciplinary proceedings as a result of a successful prosecution.

We are  experts whendefending cases that do end up in court and proceed to trial.  We employ specialist counsel with in depth knowledge of the defences available to individuals facing these proceedings and are able to offer tailored advice to the individual needs of each client.

Lewis Nedas Law is able to deal with any fare evasion enquiry and we offer our services at competitive rates and/or fixed fees.  You can be assured you will be advised by an experienced solicitor who will deal with your case throughout.

Fare Evasion Legal Advice

Don’t dismiss this type of proceedings as inconsequential, in fact quite to the contrary. These offences are regarded as dishonesty  offences and if convicted you will have a  criminal record which you will have to declare for insurance, employment and even visa purposes. Call us on 02073872032 or complete our online enquiry form here.

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Our team of expert solicitors in this area includes: Siobhain Egan, Miles Herman.

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