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Extradition is the legal process whereby someone wanted for a crime in one country is forcibly removed to the country in which the crime was committed.

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The UK has extradition agreements with a number of foreign governments. However, the protection afforded by the Human Rights Act notwithstanding, some of these countries have considerably less robust legal systems, and defendants in criminal prosecutions are not always afforded the same rights as at home.

Extradition proceedings  are increasingly used by international authorities when dealing with international organised crime, criminality within global commerce, terrorism, corruption, tax evasion/fraud and money laundering.

The UK’s extradition framework is regarded by some as being unbalanced in favour of other countries. This is particularly true with respect to our relationship with the USA. In addition, the Extradition Act 2003 established a fast track extradition system when dealing with requests from European countries: the European Arrest Warrant. In some cases, there is no need for the other country to demonstrate which evidence, if any, they have against you, or even whether or not they have a case at all. Many of our age old protections and safeguards against arrest and unfair trial have been eroded.

At Lewis Nedas Law, we understand that extradition cases can often be both politically and commercially sensitive and as such need careful and astute handling by a team well versed in this area such as ourselves.

We have a team of five experienced lawyers headed by Leila Abdul-Rasool (a member of the highly respected Extradition Lawyers Association). One member of our team has over thirteen years of experience in this field.

We have a track record of successfully defending extradition cases, including European Arrest Warrants. Defending these cases calls for a blend of legal and negotiation skills.

To ensure our clients get the best service possible, we insist upon using specialist barristers from the following sets of chambers:

  • Great James Street Chambers
  • Matrix Chambers
  • Dyers Chambers
  • Furnival Chambers

Mutual Legal Assistance (MLAT)

Increased co-operation between international investigative agencies means that they do not hesitate to ask for assistance when seeking evidence/assets located in other jurisdictions. This requires extradition lawyers to be quick to react and aware of the various treaties which exists. Our expert team of extradition solicitors will advise you quickly on all aspects of your extradition case, including advice on the nature and degree of co-operation you are obliged to give and which documents, if any, you are required to disclose. If you are the subject of extradition proceedings, your freedom may be at stake. Contact Lewis Nedas Law for expert advice on all aspects of extradition law.

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For further information or to speak to one of our extradition solicitors please telephone us on 02073872032, complete our online enquiry form or contact Leila Abdul-Rasool, Siobhain Egan, Keith Wood, Fiona Grandy, or Sean Reilly.

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