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Cold case or historic prosecutions have seen a huge increase over the last few years, often leading to banner headlines in the press.

As a result, many of these prosecutions are high profile and can be incredibly difficult and sensitive for all involved. These allegations can span many decades, important witnesses may no longer be available and vital documentation may have been destroyed.

Cold Case Lawyers

As we have seen as a result of the Savile Inquiry (Operation Yew Tree), the Jersey Care Home Inquiry (which is likely to be re-opened), and allegations which have recently arisen at a prestigious music school, the blaze of publicity which surrounds these allegations can be devastating to the reputation of the accused.

These allegations tend to focus upon historic allegations of sexual abuse, paedophilia, rape or murder although this is not an exhaustive list.

The launch of the DNA database in 1998 has been crucial to these prosecutions. With over 5.5 million people's DNA on that database (according to 2011 figures) and according to those same figures over 300,000 crimes have been detected. In 2011 there were 89 DNA matches to murders, 412 to rape and 22,000 to other crime scenes.

The huge advances in DNA technology have led to special "cold case" operations throughout police forces throughout the country e.g. the beleaguered Operation Sapphire at the Metropolitan police.

Historic Sexual Abuse Case Defences

The historic child abuse /paedophilia cases are often the most difficult to defend and require sensitive, diligent, thorough pro-active defence work.

Very often these historic sexual abuse cases involve the word of the complainant against that of the defendant, so the whole focus of the case can be the credibility of the complainant. With the assistance of leading experts we would examine issues of collusion, suggestibility, tainting of evidence and testimony, transferred/false memory syndrome/false confessions.

We would tenaciously pursue full disclosure of all information/evidence held by the Crown.

We insist upon instructing leading experts and barristers (fee levels permitting) and have had great success with these cases. See one of our latest cases in our "cases" section defended by Tony Meisels and the excellent Dee Connolly of counsel, which focused upon incomplete DNA evidence.

Additionally, as a result of our finely honed skills when dealing with the media, we excel at media and reputation management.

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