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Another Outstanding Result Achieved by Our Firearms Department

Laura Saunsbury represented a Bedfordshire farmer who faced a charge of unlawfully possessing a quantity of .22 rifle ammunition. The police found the rifle ammunition in his shotgun cabinet when they attended his address for an unrelated matter. Whilst our client had a shotgun certificate, he had never been granted a firearm certificate, which he would have needed to possess this type of ammunition. However, his father had held a firearm certificate for many years and there was a time when they shared the gun cabinet.

A trial took place at Luton Crown Court from 20 to 22 March 2012. During the trial our client and his father both gave evidence that they believed this ammunition must have belonged to the father and dated back to the period over 15 years previously when they shared the gun cabinet. In 1997 our client’s father had his firearm certificate revoked, and they both understandably assumed when the Police seized the father’s rifle they also removed all firearm ammunition from the cabinet.

Our client was very capably represented in court by specialist firearms barrister Nick Doherty, so much so that it took the jury less than an hour to reach a unanimous not guilty verdict. It was clear from the evidence heard during the trial and the directions given by the Judge to the jury that they reached this verdict on the basis they were satisfied our client was unaware there was an airgun pellet tin in his gun cabinet which in fact contained .22 rifle ammunition.

Having been entirely cleared of any wrongdoing, the Judge directed that our client’s privately paid legal costs be repaid from Central Funds.

This client was referred to Laura Saunsbury, our firearms law specialist, by the Country Land & Business Association (CLA), of which she is a business member. We understand our client has written to the CLA following his acquittal, thanking them for the recommendation, and praising in particular Laura’s very thorough and careful preparation of his case.

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Court of Appeal Success for Sam Corcoran

Sam Corcoran represented an elderly woman prosecuted by SOCA and the CPS, who was initially convicted of allowing her home to be used to supply class A drugs, which she denied.

Sam ensured that her appeal was expedited and heard within two months by the Court of Appeal, who promptly quashed the conviction upon the basis that the charge was not made out. A fundamental element of the charge had not been proved by the Crown.

Jeremy Ornstin and Grant Vanston (187 Fleet Street Chambers) were the advocates in this appeal.

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High Court Extradition Success for Nicholas Wragg & Counsel James Stansfeld

Mr V’s extradition was sought pursuant to five European Arrest Warrants issued by Hungary to prosecute him for thirteen offences of fraud. Whilst not all offences could be challenged there was, in addition to a successful challenge to the first warrant that Mr V cannot be extradited for that offence, a new argument was raised because three of the warrants sought extradition for the same offences. In agreeing with James Stansfeld’s arguments, Mr Justice Keith held that Mr V could not be extradited for any of those offences unless Hungary decides to only prosecute Mr V for two out of the four offences. We are awaiting Hungary’s decision.

It should be noted that whilst Mr V will invariably be extradited, Hungary will be prevented from trying him for offences that he was not permitted to be extradited for. This may have a significant impact on the length of sentence he would face if convicted.

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New Instruction in High Profile Tax Fraud Investigation

Lewis Nedas & Co has been instructed once again this month to represent an individual facing a high profile and complex investigation into tax fraud.

Please contact Jeffrey Lewis or Siobhain Egan if you should find yourself in a similar situation.

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Lewis Nedas & Co Instructed In Major Health and Safety Prosecution

Lewis Nedas & Co has recently been instructed in a major health and safety prosecution. Please contact Jeffrey Lewis, Siobhain Egan, Keith Wood, or Nick Wragg if you have a similar issue.

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