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SOPO Variation Success

Tony Meisels has successfully applied to Westminster Magistrates’ Court to vary a Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO), which was imposed in 2008.

The applicant can now own, possess, and use any internet-enabled device as long as the history is preserved and it is made available for inspection by the police upon request. Furthermore, the order is now time limited and will cease when the applicant is no longer subject to the requirements of the Sex Offenders Register. The amended order is now consistent with the guidance issued by the Court of Appeal in the case of R v Steven Smith and Others in July 2011.

If you are subject to a SOPO with stringent conditions you may be able to apply to vary the order. Please contact Tony Meisels.

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£Multimillion Fraud Success for Gary Conway

Gary represented and advised an individual arrested by police concerning a £multimillion fraud originating abroad.

Our client had assets of over £250,000.00 restrained and was interviewed several times by police. These interviews were skilfully handled by Gary who advised and represented the client throughout. Eventually the police decided not to prosecute and all restrained assets were returned to our client.

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Collector of Antique Firearms Spared Five Year Prison Sentence

Our firearms law specialist, Laura Saunsbury, represented a collector of antique firearms charged with unlawfully possessing a shotgun. At some point the barrel had been cut down and as a result the shotgun was classified as a prohibited firearm. Our client was therefore facing the prospect of a mandatory minimum sentence of five years’ imprisonment.

The Police had obtained a report from a firearms expert who assessed the old percussion shotgun as being manufactured between 1855 and 1875, and so was in the region of at least 140 years old. Our client had not been found in possession of any ammunition and there was no evidence of any criminal intent on his part. In spite of the expert concluding that the shotgun was an antique, and therefore exempt from all of the usual restrictions of the Firearms Acts, our client was charged and was due to stand trial later this year.

However, following the skilful representations made by Laura Saunsbury, the Crown Prosecution Service accepted there was not a realistic prospect of a conviction. On 17 May 2012 they notified us of their decision to discontinue the proceedings at St Albans Crown Court.

Our client, who has had a longstanding interest in military history and collecting antique firearms, had purchased the shotgun in question at the Bisley Arms & Antiques Fair. He was delighted and relieved by this outcome and the fact that Laura Saunsbury had managed to resolve the case for him at such an early stage.

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Riot Acquittal! Judge at Wood Green Throws Out Riot Case

Jeremy Ornstin successfully challenged the admissibility of video CCTV identification that the prosecution relied upon during a riot case at Wood Green Crown Court.

CCTV stills were circulated after the August riots, and an intelligence officer purported to recognise the defendant from the still, having seen his details published with ‘mug shots’ naming him from previous arrests. She emailed her superiors stating that she believed that the still “could be” that of the individual and she gave the name.

Two months later the defendant was arrested. On that date, the analyst wrote a witness statement, now stating that the photo still “was” of the defendant.

The Crown also attempted to adduce the evidence from one of the interviewing officers who claimed that he was able to confirm the recognition by stating that it was obvious from looking at the CCTV still and the defendant being interviewed that it was the same person.

Expert facial mapping evidence that we obtained and asked the Crown to admit, concluded that the CCTV material was of too poor a quality to discern any facial details.

Neither witness had ever viewed the actual CCTV footage, nor ever previously had any direct dealings with the defendant. However, this did not stop the Prosecution from asserting that the defendant was the man in the CCTV footage.

Unsurprisingly the judge halted the trial, upholding defence submissions that there was no legal basis for admitting the evidence, and recorded not guilty verdicts to counts of violent disorder and attempted burglary.

The trial advocate was Jeremy Ornstin (director and head of our advocacy department), and the instructing solicitor was Tony Meisels.

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Yet another Lewis Nedas Law Acquittal

We acted for a young man of good character accused of a serious allegation of GBH after a disturbance at a London bar. He protested his innocence throughout, stating that some of the witnesses had innocently misidentified him.

Taking advice from the superb Kaly Kaul QC (9-12 Bell Yard Chambers) who was the advocate in this case, we instructed specialist photographers and video experts to provide a “walkthrough” video of the bar, demonstrating the detail of our client’s defence to the jury, who quickly acquitted him. We would not have been able to provide the quality of the video/photographs had the client been legally aided, the client’s parents paid for his defence costs which also enabled us to instruct Kaly Kaul QC.

Thankfully, the Recorder of London made an order for the recovery of all costs paid out so far by the family, which will be the subject of taxation by the NTT.

Siobhain Egan had conduct of this matter.

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