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Sentencing Success for Violent Disorder Conviction

Jeremy Ornstin, the head of our advocacy department and joint senior partner, defended a young undergraduate who pleaded guilty to Violent Disorder following arrest at the TUC demonstration in March 2011.

As a result of Jeremy’s excellent advocacy skills and powers of persuasion the trial Judge agreed to impose a suspended sentence. Our young client was delighted.

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Firearms Prosecution Discharged

Continuing her run of successes, our firearms law specialist Laura Saunsbury has achieved another excellent result.

In a case at Hastings Magistrates’ Court on 25 June 2012 she was representing a client charged with possession of a blank firing pistol which the Prosecution alleged was a prohibited firearm on the basis that it was designed or adapted for the discharge of noxious substances. However, they had failed to instruct an expert witness to confirm the legal status of the firearm and were seeking an adjournment for this purpose before committing the case to the Crown Court for trial.

Upon hearing Laura’s forceful representations that such delay and inattention to detail by the Crown was unacceptable, the Magistrates agreed and refused the application for an adjournment. As the Crown were not ready to commit the case to the Crown Court, the case was discharged.

Laura’s client, who had no idea as to the potential capabilities of the blank firing pistol, was very relieved and delighted by this outcome, particularly since the Court directed that his privately paid legal costs be repaid from Central Funds.

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Another Stunning Fraud Success for Lewis Nedas Law

Lewis Nedas Law successfully represented a client who stood trial last week at the Central Criminal Court in relation to an offence of laundering the proceeds of criminally acquired money between 2009 and June 2011.

Our client was one of four defendants subject to a longstanding investigation by the E-Crime Unit of the Metropolitan Police. The investigation centred on several individuals, including our client’s son, being members of an organized criminal network that was spreading malicious software targeting UK financial institutions.

The malicious software, known as Spy Eye, infected computers and covertly harvested banking credentials as the unsuspecting computer users accessed their online bank accounts. As a result of the malware that was used by this criminal network, funds were laundered through accounts including one controlled by the defendant.

The Defence successfully argued that our client did not know or suspect that the monies that flowed into his account were the proceeds of crime and he was skilfully defended by Miles Herman, an expert in serious fraud and computer fraud cases, and Danny Barnard of Counsel who has enjoyed an incredible success rate during the last twelve months.

The remaining defendants pleaded guilty and will be sentenced later this week.

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Arson Acquittal for Mentally Disordered Client

Danny Barnard, one of our excellent in-house advocates, represented an individual facing arson charges relating to a fire set in the hostel in which he was living.

He was arrested after the Crown built a strong case against him, including CCTV and eyewitness evidence. He was initially remanded to a specialist hospital for treatment under section 36 of the Mental Health Act 1983 and was deemed too unwell to attend his trial, which was held in his absence.

In such cases, a jury is tasked only to consider whether the client had made the act as charged. Thanks to Danny’s forensic examination skills the jury found that the act was not proven and the client was acquitted.

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Yet another Fraud Prosecution Success for Lewis Nedas Law

Unan Choudhury represented an individual facing several charges of fraud spanning over seven years. The case was to be committed to the Crown Court, but ‘eagle-eyed’ Unan spotted a fundamental flaw in the Crown’s case. He made written representations along those lines to the CPS who then discontinued the prosecution.

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