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Recent instructions for Lewis Nedas Law specialist Serious Fraud, Serious Crime and extradition lawyers

  1. extraditioni) Jeffrey Lewis advises an individual following allegations of involvement in multi-million pound pension fraud: he will be assisted by Siobhain Egan;

    ii) Jeffrey also advises a substantial buy to let landlord who has found that over 20 of his properties have been ‘colonised' by individuals running cannabis ‘farms'. The Police force to whom this issue has been reported has not reacted at all to this complaint, and it is now left to the landlord to pursue civil proceedings against these ‘sub-tenants' and his managing agents.

  2. i) Keith Wood defends an individual facing complex confiscation proceedings following a conviction for conspiring to defraud HMRC of £10million (the client was represented by another firm at trial). Keith is one of the top confiscation defence experts in the Country, he works with leading forensic accountants and barristers and achieves great success with these type of cases;

    ii) Keith is also defending another client facing extradition proceedings brought by the Spanish Government following allegations of involvement in a large scale 'time share' fraud which has attracted National publicity both here and in Spain.

  3. i) Sean Reilly advises a businessman whose assets have been frozen by a Civil Recovery Order brought as a result of a joint investigation by HMRC and the NCA. It is even more likely now, with the budgetary constraints and financial cuts that all investigative agencies are currently facing, that instead of instituting lengthy expensive criminal proceedings (for tax evasion and money laundering as in this case), the authorities will now directly target assets that they suspect are the Proceeds of Crime. The burden of proof will be upon the defendant to show that these assets are bona fide, have been lawfully acquired and that tax has been paid upon the income used to purchase those assets;

    ii) Sean is also representing a client facing extradition proceedings brought by the US Government, concerning allegations of serious fraud.

  4. Richard Demczak of our Oxford Office has received the following recent instructions:

    i) An undergraduate student at Oxford University facing three allegations of rape;
    ii) A young man with severe learning difficulties facing an allegation of rape;
    iii) A professional man defending a charge of perverting the course of justice;
    iv) Two young men accused of cultivating cannabis, they will raise the statutory defence (s45 Modern Slavery Act 2015) of victims of modern slavery and people trafficking.

  5. i) Siobhain Egan advises an academic investigated by Police, following a historic allegation of rape, which allegedly occurred some 56 years ago;

    ii) She also represents a Company Director facing an allegation of dishonesty and fraud.
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Latest successes for Lewis Nedas specialist Serious Fraud defence lawyers

SFOSiobhain Egan successfully represented:

  1. A property lawyer investigated following an allegation of dishonesty and fraud, after Siobhain submitted robust submissions; and

  2. A professional individual arrested some years ago following a SFO investigation into a multi-million (in excess of £50 million) property pension SIPP fraud. Finally, the SFO formally closed the investigation this week. 

    Siobhain had made strong representations about the investment during interviews and the management of her clients case throughout this lengthy process. She has been successfully advising individuals facing SFO investigations (such as Company Directors, Senior Company Management, solicitors and accountants) since 1992. She is well known for taking a firm, robust stance with the SFO, particularly in the face of an increasingly and unnecessary aggressive approach by the agency. The SFO is primarily a criminal investigation and prosecution authority, and this is why our specialist Serious Fraud lawyers excel when dealing with the SFO, because they have decades of the necessary and successful experience.

    The recent legal issues concerning privilege and the management of both internal and SFO investigations in the press, underline the need to instruct criminal defence lawyers who know how to deal with:

    Interviews under caution and s2;
    Disclosure; and
    Legal professional privilege, - and who can keep the pressure on this organisation, its lawyers and its financial investigators, throughout the very lengthy investigative process.

    This is an agency which opens many more investigations than it prosecutes.

If you are facing an allegation of serious fraud, or if you suspect that your company needs to self report to the SFO, then contact Lewis Nedas law using our enquiry form at or call us on 02073872032

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Some of our latest results for our serious fraud and serious criminal defence lawyers

  1. data protectionPaul Mason, Consultant Solicitor, represented an individual accused of racial harassment: The client faced trial on indictment and the alleged victim was a City solicitor whom Paul's client had instructed in litigation worth millions of pounds. That litigation went disastrously wrong for the client, and relations with the City firm of lawyers deteriorated to such an extent that a criminal complaint of racial harassment was brought against him. However, the client was acquitted unanimously by the jury, largely as a result of Paul's painstaking approach to disclosure of documents, which revealed a few glaring and fundamental anomalies in the Crowns case. The case attracted Nationwide publicity. 

  2. The excellent Richard Demczak, of our Oxford Office, continues with his incredible run of acquittals:

    a) Richard successfully represented an individual who faced trial at Oxford Crown Court following charges of administering a poison/noxious substance to Police; a successful legal argument resulted in a decision by the CPS to withdraw the proceedings at Court. The case attracted National publicity.

    b) The same client also faced a supplemental charge of witness intimidation, which the client denied. Richard instructed a specialist computer expert to analyse the large amount of computer evidence. Richard then served that report upon the CPS (which supported our clients defence completely), together with the Defence Statement. Upon receipt of both documents the CPS discontinued the case. This is yet another example of the successful pro-active defence work at which this firm excels.

    c) Richard also successfully defended a man with severe learning difficulties who faced 15 allegations of historic sexual abuse at the Crown Court, many of these charges were over 14 years old. The case involved the use of an intermediary and a psychiatrist because of our clients learning difficulties. The client was adamant that he was entirely innocent of these charges, which included multiple counts of rape, six counts of sexual activity with a child, assault by penetration and engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child. Both Richard and Counsel  were instructed and visited the multiple sites at which it was alleged that the criminal activity occurred, and it quickly appeared that there were fundamental flaws in the Prosecution case. The jury quickly returned a unanimous verdict of Not Guilty on all counts.

  3. Sean and James Reilly continue their winning streak:

    a) They successfully defended an individual who facing trial, who raised the absolute defence of self defence to a very serious allegation of wounding with intent (Section 18). The client was quickly and unanimously acquitted by the jury.

    b) The Reilly brothers also secured the acquittal of an individual who faced an allegation of possession of a a large amount of class A drugs with intent to supply (the drugs were found in the back of the van in which our client was driving). The Crown's case was heavily reliant upon telephone evidence, which had been served upon us at a very late stage. James Reilly (solicitor advocate) successfully argued before the trial Judge that the evidence was more prejudicial than probative and that essentially the defence were ambushed by the late service of this material (which had been sought several times by us from the CPS). The Judge agreed with the legal submission and he ruled that the telephone evidence was inadmissible, this resulted in the CPS then offering 'no evidence' and the client was immediately discharged.

  4. Siobhain Egan successfully defended:

    a) a City solicitor working for a magic circle firm accused of dishonesty and fraudulent behaviour. 

    b) An accountant working within the charitable sector facing allegations of systematic fraud.

    Siobhain has a particularly successful niche practice defending professionals (medical, legal, accountancy, City financial and FCA regulated individuals) facing regulatory, professional disciplinary, fraud, money laundering, tax and criminal investigations (including sexual allegations) and prosecutions.

  5. Siobhain also deals with Cybercrime fraud recovery: She works with a firm of leading computer forensic specialists who deal with cyber crime, cyber fraud and ransomware. They advise companies and individuals who have been defrauded of large sums of money. Together they represented and advised a businessman who had been defrauded of £250,000. Working closely with the client and the authorities in both the UK and South East Asia, the alleged fraudsters were arrested in both countries. A very large sum of money was frozen by the South East Asian authorities, Siobhain will work with those authorities and corresponding lawyers in that Country in order to recover our clients stolen monies.
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New instructions for Lewis Nedas Law leading criminal and serious fraud defence solicitors

  1. frauda) Jeffrey Lewis is advising a Care Home Company facing criminal proceedings regarding neglect of patients;

    b) Jeffrey is also advising and representing an established businessman facing money laundering criminal proceedings; Keith Wood will assist him on this case.

  2. Sean and James Reilly represent an individual who is possibly the last remaining defendant to face allegations of involvement in the Hatton Garden heist. These proceedings have attracted Nationwide Publicity and will be robustly defended.

  3. Keith Wood has been instructed in three separate money laundering (criminal proceedings), a substantial fraud matter and defends High Court Contempt (criminal proceedings) in relation to a website.

  4. Siobhain Egan has been instructed to defend in an international art fraud investigation.


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Son of firearms dealer spared from jail

firearmsIn an outstanding result achieved by our Firearms Law specialist Laura Saunsbury, a registered firearms dealer’s son who was charged with an offence of unlawful possession of a prohibited firearm was recently spared from being sent to prison. After considering the representations Laura made on our client’s behalf, the CPS were persuaded that the circumstances of this case were so exceptional that it was not in the public interest to continue with the prosecution.

Our client, a young man who had never been in any trouble with the police before, was facing the prospect of a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment. He received the good news just days before he was due to appear at the Crown Court last month to enter his plea. Our client and his family were extremely relieved and grateful.  In expressing his appreciation our client said the following;

“ Laura was very professional, she gave a great service and kept us up to date each step of the way. She sorted everything out so that it all went in my favour, which was a phenomenal relief to me and my family. If anyone ever asks me who I would recommend for advice on firearms law, it will definitely be Laura Saunsbury at Lewis Nedas Law. Thank you for everything you’ve done.”  

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