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More successful results and recent instructions for Lewis Nedas Law specialist defence lawyers

barrister wigSuccesses

(i.) More successful results for Tony Meisels:

  1. Canine death warrant overturned on appeal; On 1st February at Harrow Crown Court, Rosetta a Pitbull terrier had her destruction order overturned.  In 2016 she had been adjudged to be a prohibited breed and made subject to an exemption order together with a contingent destruction order after attacking another dog in the street. Already in the ‘dog house’, Rosetta attacked another dog in February 2017 when in breach of the contingent destruction order she was let off the lead by the owner’s son. Following this she was yet again seized by the police and an order for her destruction was made in the lower court. However following the successful appeal she will be restored to her owner. The fee earner with conduct of this matter was Tony Meisels and he was assisted by expert counsel Pamela Rose at Mitre Court Building;

  1. Decision not to prosecute IT professional; Our client established a limited company in order to provide contracted services to the banking and finance sector. He fell foul of the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) when he was accused of dissipating the assets of his limited company shortly before it was placed into liquidation, this being an offence of fraud under s206 of the Insolvency Act. There were also other offences under the Companies Act which were being investigated. Our clients troubles though largely arose from his own naivety and the poor advice he received from his accountant. Tony Meisels represented him in interview and subsequently made representations to BEIS and The Insolvency Service. BEIS lawyers have taken those reps on board and our client will not now face any criminal proceedings;

  2. After a 4 year ordeal, a judge at Lewes crown court has ruled our client’s case was an abuse of process and stopped his prosecution for offences of making indecent images of children. Our client was originally arrested in May 2014 and charged almost a year later. The first trial in April 2016 could not proceed because the crown served expert evidence at the door of the court. A second trial in December 2016 was abandoned when the Crown produced hitherto unseen annotated exhibits midway through the trial. Then earlier this month as the trial got underway again the Crown served fresh evidence from their expert witnesses. This led to the judge ruling in favour of the defendant that the lack of disclosure meant he could not receive a fair trial and equally it would be unfair for the case to be adjourned again. Our was represented in these proceedings by Tony Meisels and counsel Jeremy Lynn of 15 New Bridge Street.

(ii.) Sean Reilly instructing the excellent barrister, Mozammel Hossain of 187 Fleet St, successfully defended a client who faced trial at the Central Criminal Court, concerning charges of conspiracy to commit attempted murder (an alleged gangland shooting). Our client was quickly acquitted by the jury;

(iii.) Siobhain Egan represented and advised an accountant who was investigated for dishonesty, the investigation was dropped after some excellent pro active work. We are increasingly instructed by accountants and finance professionals facing criminal and regulatory investigations.

(iv.) Paul Mason has successfully defended the following facing criminal and regulatory matters:

  1. Client acquitted of murder after short deliberation by jury - this case attracted Nationwide publicity;

  2. Operator at PI. Multiple breaches of operator licence undertakings, no insurance, 433 manipulations of tachograph records, 427 instances of driving with a drivers card. Despite guidelines suggesting instant revocation and disqualification, operator suspended for 28 days only;

  3. Business man client, facing 6 count indictment alleging harassment, against City solicitors after complex failed legal action in Austria. All harassment counts knocked out after legal argument. CPS then add 5 counts of malicious communication. All knocked out for abuse of legal process. 

New instructions for Lewis Nedas Law defence solicitors

(i.) Miles Herman has been instructed to represent a client accused of murder, he will be tried at the Central Criminal Court;

(ii.) Jeffrey Lewis is instructed in yet another major Trading standards investigation: he is advising an established UK business which is subject to this investigation;

(iii.) Jeffrey has also been instructed to advise and represent a major UK tech company facing allegations of a £multi-million procurement fraud and bribery/corruption;


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Recent successful results and new instructions for...

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