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Our Best Fraud Case Successes 2009-2011

Our top results in defending fraud prosecutions from 2009-2011. For specialist fraud defence advice contact our fraud lawyers in London. For our latest case successes click here.

Another Stunning Confiscation Success!

October 4, 2011

Layna Thompson, one of our excellent confiscation experts, has triumphed once again.
She represented a client against whom the authorities were seeking a £1 million confiscation order.
After some meticulous, hard and detailed work and analysis, Layna (working with the very talented Kier Monteith, counsel at Garden Court Chambers) was able to show that the true benefit sum due was only £370,000. Our client was delighted.

Lewis Nedas Client Escapes Immediate Custodial Sentence

September 23, 2011

Jeremy Ornstin advised and represented a client who, along with seven others, faced a large banking C10 fraud prosecution. After preparing the case meticulously and carefully advising the client that she was likely to be convicted of this very serious fraud allegation, she pleaded guilty and received a suspended sentence. Her remaining co-defendants were all convicted and received immediate custodial sentences of some length.

Stupendous Week of Successes for Nick Wragg's Clients

September 12, 2011

Nick Wragg's dedication and masterful advocacy skills came to the fore this week with an amazing run of success, all in one week!
•    A client charged with an allegation of arson with intent to endanger life, concerning the restaurant in which he worked, was acquitted when he explained to the Court that his employers had conspired to defraud their insurers by virtue of the fire in the restaurant. He was acquitted by the jury who applauded him! Gerry Mohabir of counsel represented the client in court.
•    A youth client who was charged with a riot related offence of domestic burglary entered a plea of guilty to the lesser offence of criminal damage. The prosecution were forced to withdraw the more serious charge as a result of Nick's immaculate preparation and superb advocacy.
•    A man of good character was charged initially with an allegation of ABH; the client adamantly denied any involvement. Nick discovered that the ID procedure was defective and the CPS offered to reduce the charge to common assault. Both Nick and the client refused, and insisted that the matter proceed to trial so that the client could defend himself. The CPS then discontinued the case without giving any further explanation. The client paid his costs privately and was then awarded a defendant's costs order— he was delighted.

Terrific Confiscation Cases Results for Keith Wood

September 12, 2011

Keith Wood, our City Office partner, has again managed to secure settlements in two complex confiscation proceedings. In the first case, the defendant faced a second confiscation procedure for the latest 2011 offence, already having in existence an order from 2008. Using his forensic skills, Keith managed to successfully argue the point that the vast majority of lifestyle assets forming part of the second application had already featured in the earlier one, and that it was impossible to confiscate the same asset twice even though it remained in existence. After much argument the Crown agreed, and Keith asserted that Section 22 of PCA applied and that there should be only a small increase in the available amount from the original order. The newly identified assets were then restored with the original ones to enable family members to raise the small amount now required, thus saving complex, expensive and uncertain proceedings and a hidden assets argument.
In a second success Keith managed to again negotiate a favourable position in a complex tax credit fraud. The Crown had originally argued that the defendant's benefit from his conduct amounted to over £850k and that he had hidden assets. Keith managed to demonstrate the true figure was significantly less and that the defendant could not possibly have hidden assets, given the detailed accounts which we had submitted. Settlement was therefore reached with the amount to be paid at just over £4,000.

Lewis Nedas & Co Instructed in High Profile Banking Fraud

September 8, 2011

Lewis Nedas & Co has been instructed in a high profile banking fraud and in a large scale mortgage fraud this week.

Another Stunning Confiscation Success

September 6, 2011

Layna Thompson, one of our excellent confiscation specialists, has had yet another stunning success.
She represented a client who was facing a potential order for confiscation brought by HMRC in the sum of £191,000 on the basis of 'hidden assets'. As a result of Layna's excellent, thorough and painstaking work the sum finally ordered was £10,000. The client was delighted.
We are regularly recommended by other solicitors for this type of work and very often represent individuals who have been represented by other solicitors at trial but come to us to deal with their confiscation proceedings.

Contact Keith Wood or Layna Thompson.

Lewis Nedas & Co Instructed in International Computer Hacking Prosecution

August 30, 2011

Lewis Nedas & Co has been instructed in a huge international computer hacking prosecution.

Operation Crossbill is a multi-jurisdictional investigation focusing upon alleged computer hacking for financial gain.

Lewis Nedas Instructed to Represent an Individual Facing Large Scale Fraud Prosecution

August 10, 2011

Lewis Nedas & Co has been instructed to represent an individual facing a large scale fraud prosecution with sixteen defendants.

New instructions for Lewis Nedas & Co...

June 24, 2011

The firm has just been instructed in a large scale banking fraud and in two independent Emultimillion money laundering cases.

Lewis Nedas Criminal Dept. Instructed in Two Major Fraud Matters this Week

July 13, 2011

We have been instructed by one defendant to represent him in a very large scale, novel and complex computer fraud and by another client facing massive and highly complicated money laundering allegations spanning many years, different jurisdictions and financial sectors.

£1 Million Money Laundering / Asset Confiscation Success

April 13, 2011

Siobhain Egan advised and represented an individual investigated for money laundering along with his co-director.
The police searched their premises and found and seized the money which was in cash. There then followed 9 months of investigation by New Scotland Yard's pro-active money laundering squad.
We advised the client to instruct a leading firm of forensic accounts to analyse the company's books and show that the money had been ring fenced for legitimate financial purposes.
Our client had lengthy interviews and co-operated throughout with police. As a result the Police agreed to return the monies to the delight of our client.
Good advice, thorough preparation, the instruction of forensic accountants, and management of difficult technical interviews undoubtedly paid off in this case.

Two Stunning Confiscation Successes for Keith Wood

Fraud confiscation proceedings were eventually dropped by the Crown after four years when Keith doggedly determined that his client's assets were not acquired with the proceeds of crime.
Additionally, a separate set of fraud confiscation proceedings were stayed as a result of a successful Abuse of Process argument. Assets which were realised in a foreign jurisdiction were never returned to the UK by officers working within the foreign jurisdiction.

Sentencing Appeal Success

March 29, 2011

Keith Wood's client received a reduction in sentence from the Court of Appeal this week. The Court agreed that the sentencing judge had ignored the fact that the client had made full admissions to police upon arrest and should have received full credit for doing so i.e. a reduction in sentence of a third. Martin Lewis of Castle Chambers superbly represented our client in the Court of Appeal.

'Assisting Suicide' Investigation Success

March 7, 2011

Siobhain Egan acted for a clairvoyant who was accused of encouraging an individual to commit suicide during a tarot session.
After an investigation which lasted some 8 months and after we made lengthy and detailed representations, the case was dropped much to the delight of the client who had protested his innocence throughout.

Fantastic Acquittal Result in Pregnancy Fraud Case

February 1, 2011
A client of Lewis Nedas & Co has been acquitted of fraud after a five week trial at Southwark Crown Court. The jury, though, were unable to reach a verdict on a second charge of blackmail and there is to be a retrial in January 2012. The complainant, who brought this private prosecution and can only be referred to Mr A, alleged that the defendant fabricated a pregnancy in order to defraud him of £3 million. He claimed he had never had intimate relations with her and even if she had been pregnant, which he believed was not the case, it could not have been his child. In her defence the client said she had been Mr A's lover for over two and a half years and called evidence that she had been pregnant at the time but had unfortunately miscarried the baby.
Tony Meisels of this firm has been representing the defendant in this high profile and widely reported case — in the English speaking press there have been articles in the Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail — and instructed Paul Purnell QC and Jeremy Lynn both of Farringdon Chambers.

Fantastic Result in Revenue Investigation

November 30, 2010

Jeffrey Lewis and Siobhain Egan represented an individual who faced a rigorous and lengthy investigation by the Revenue after the contents of his safety deposit box was seized by the Metropolitan Police during Operation Rize. After lengthy 'eyeball to eyeball' negotiations with the Revenue, the investigation was finally settled to the delight of our client, and on a very advantageous basis for him too.

New Instruction In Vast "After the Event" Insurance Fraud

November 30, 2010
Siobhain Egan has been instructed to represent an individual who along with 29 others faces allegations concerning a multi million pound insurance fraud. Most of the defendants are professionals facing what has been described by City Of London Fraud as a "ground breaking prosecution".

Firm Represents Individual in a £ Multimillion Confiscation Inquiry

June 15, 2010

Jeffrey Lewis and Keith Wood have been instructed to represent an individual convicted of a Emultimillion fraud who is now facing a £10 million confiscation order. The Crown is claiming that our client has hidden assets in Emultimillion sum.

Yet another Magnificent Acquittal for Lewis Nedas & Co

March 23, 2010

Jeffrey Lewis and Siobhain Egan represented three of nine defendants facing trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court regarding serious allegations of dishonesty.
As a result of our consistent and determined requests for disclosure and the Crown's failure to adequately respond, the Crown Prosecution Service decided (halfway through our powerfully persuasive abuse argument) to drop these proceedings... some twenty months after our clients' initial arrests. The Judge then entered not guilty verdicts on behalf of eight of the nine defendants and each of our clients.

Our clients were magnificently represented by the following barristers:
•    Marguerite Russell of Garden Court Chambers;
•    Jamie Carr of 4 Breams Buildings;
•    Ed Fenner of 4 Breams Buildings;
•    Anna Morris of Garden Court Chambers.

They were also ably assisted by their very hard working pupil, Harriet Short.

As a result of these proceedings, our clients, who had always strenuously denied any wrongdoing, lost their jobs, their business and have suffered ill health. The collapse of this case will now lead to calls by us for full enquiries by the Resident Judge at Snaresbrook and the DPP. Our clients will also issue civil proceedings against both the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service.

Stunning Acquittal

March 9, 2010

Jeffrey Lewis and Keith Wood represented the director of a company who had been indicted for a large and serious fraud. He was successfully acquitted after trial.

Major Prosecution Dropped by Judge

March 4, 2010

Chantelle Peters-Augustine represented an individual facing serious proceedings whose case was dropped by HHJ King because the CPS decided to serve many thousands of pages of evidence upon which they wanted to rely on the first day of trial, leaving the defence in an impossible position. The application to dismiss the case was superbly argued by James Onalaja of counsel (2 Pump Court).

Teacher Escapes Imprisonment

January 27, 2010

Siobhain Egan recently represented a teacher who had misrepresented his qualifications to his employers (breach of trust). The local authority sought repayment of his salary (£50,000) as compensation. He was superbly represented by Martin Lewis of counsel (Castle Chambers) who put forward detailed mitigation upon the client's behalf, and the client was sentenced to a suspended term of imprisonment. The Court refused to make a compensation order.

Excellent Sentencing Result in Fraud / Breach of Trust Case

Another stunning result for Leila Abdul-Rasool, whose client was given a suspended sentence with supervision at Southwark Crown Court on 4 January 2010 for false accounting.
There was a breach of trust as she was a secretary at a West End law firm, tasked with clearing the balances on a number of files that needed to be deaded. The allegation was that she drew up a number of cheque requests to pay disbursements i.e. counsel's fees, yet the payees were not counsel but her boyfriend and a relative of her elderly neighbour. There were also other neighbours to whom money was paid.

The Crown accepted a plea on a limited basis. The amount stolen was in excess of £90,000.00 however she pleaded to false accounting of approximately £70,000.00.
The client was originally arrested about four years ago and was released on bail for a year and a half before being charged. She was made subject to a restraint order upon the application of her previous employers.

Counsel was Neelam Sharma of 187 Fleet Street.

Incredible Mortgage Fraud Success for Lewis Nedas & Co

January 6, 2010

Keith Wood, one of our fraud specialists, was instructed in a complex, large scale mortgage fraud involving self-certification mortgages where the advances were in excess of £1million. Following expert preparation and negotiation by Keith and brilliant representation by Stephen Ferguson of counsel (2 Bedford Row), the Prosecution accepted our client's case and a not guilty verdict was recorded for all charges faced.

Duty Fraud Instruction for Lewis Nedas & Co

December 19, 2009

Penny Muir has been instructed to represent an individual charged with a large-scale duty evasion fraud allegation concerning E4million of alcohol and tobacco.

New Extradition Instruction

November 30, 2009

Jeffrey Lewis and Keith Wood are acting for an individual who is the subject of an extradition request made by the Government of the United States in connection with allegations concerning a Ponzi fraud to the value of $5million. The client was granted bail, despite rigorous objection by the American government, after our bail application was superbly argued by Rebecca Hill of counsel (Great James Street Chambers).

Boiler Room Fraud Discontinued

November 23, 2009
Our client was one of a number of high profile arrests within the technology industry and was investigated for allegedly being involved in what is colloquially know as a "boiler room fraud". We managed to persuade the investigating authority that there was insufficient evidence to sustain such an allegation and the matter was discontinued after detailed representations were made. Jeffrey Lewis and Siobhain Egan dealt.

Lewis Nedas & Co Quoted in Mail on Sunday in Relation to Operation Rize

An in depth article was published today in the Mail On Sunday's LIVE magazine examining the merits of this Metropolitan Police Operation.

Jeffrey Lewis, assisted by Nick Brett and Siobhain Egan, is still advising and representing clients facing difficulties as a result of this operation. We have had the largest client group affected by this and have managed to restore a very high percentage of our clients' property. We are also dealing with the Revenue on behalf of other clients whose money and property has been seized. Contact enquiries or Jeffrey Lewis.

Another Stunning Fraud Acquittal for Lewis Nedas & Co

October 15, 2009

Miles Herman successfully represented the only defendant of five to be acquitted following trial at Southwark Crown Court. The defendant, an Uzbek national, was accused of being involved in a complex computer fraud using Trojan viruses. Much of the documentation had to be carefully translated in Russian and vice versa, and required detailed, painstaking analysis.
The client was brilliantly represented by Counsel David Burgess of 9 Bedford Row.

The Importance of Instructing a Good Solicitor

October 13, 2009

Nick Wragg recently represented a woman facing a series of grave allegations of benefit fraud involving large sums. Her initial charges would have meant that she was likely to face seven years imprisonment upon conviction. Using a mixture of dogged perseverance and Welsh charm, Nick managed to persuade the prosecution to accept guilty pleas to much lesser offences. After offering detailed, substantial and weighty mitigation upon the client's behalf, she was eventually ordered to pay a fine of £600.00. Our client was delighted.

Yet another Stunning Confiscation Success

Nick Brett working together with Anthony Barraclough of Chavasse Court Chambers successfully argued before Liverpool Crown Court that the Crown could not simply assert certain assumptions concerning "criminal lifestyle", and as a result their claim that our client had benefited by some £400,000 was defeated.

Once again Lewis Nedas Lawyers demonstrate that they are at the cutting edge of developments within the law of confiscation.

Interesting Development in Confiscation

August 26, 2009

Keith Wood recently acted alongside Sam Stein QC in a complex confiscation case at Wood Green Crown Court. After careful work and research, the Court accepted our argument that the defendant's potential entitlement to a substantial sum of money under the terms of a trust fund should not form part of his realisable assets for the purposes of a confiscation order. The Crown is considering appealing.

Another Court Success for Lewis Nedas & Co

August 15, 2009

Siobhain Egan recently represented a client facing allegations of fraud; the case was discharged against our client after a six-week trial. He was ably represented by Gerry Mohabir of counsel (Great James Street Chambers).

New £Multimillion Revenue Fraud Case

July 21, 2009

Miles Herman has been instructed by two clients charged with a £multimillion pound Revenue fraud. The allegations concern the clients' self- assessments to the Revenue.

Fraudster Sentenced at Old Bailey

July 20, 2009

Misbah Ali represented a former employee of American Express, who was sentenced in the Central Criminal Court and whose case was reported in both UK and USA.
The client was sentenced to 15 months in custody which, considering the gravity of the offences, was an excellent result for our client. For further information, see the article in The Daily Mail.

Lewis Nedas Represent 'Cash for Crash' Fraud Client

June 24, 2009

Miles Herman and Sam Corcoran are defending an individual facing trial concerning a £multimillion insurance fraud, reported widely in the press as a "cash for crash" fraud. The client faces trial at Luton Crown Court in the autumn.

Firm Acts in Russian Computer Fraud Case

June 24, 2009

We have been instructed by a Russian defendant facing an allegation of sophisticated computer fraud concerning the application of Trojans to individual bank accounts, resulting in alleged losses of £1.5 million. Miles Herman is dealing.

New Instruction: Serious Fraud Office Investigation

June 24, 2009

The firm has been instructed to advise an individual currently subject to investigation by the Serious Fraud Office concerning losses of £750 million in relation to large scale property transactions. Jeffrey Lewis and Penny Muir are dealing.

Firm Acts for Individual in SCD6 Investigation

June 24, 2009

Jeffrey Lewis has been asked to advise and represent an individual currently under investigation by New Scotland Yard's SCD6 concerning commercial investments in the Netherlands where a €4 million loss has occurred.

New Instruction in Investment Scheme Fraud

May 28, 2009

The firm has been instructed to advise and represent one of three individuals currently being investigated by the SFO and City of London Fraud in relation to an allegedly fraudulent investment scheme that may have led to losses of up to £250 million for investors. Jeffrey Lewis and Siobhain Egan are dealing.

£Multimillion Ponzi Fraud Instruction

May 28, 2009

Lewis Nedas & Co have been instructed to represent a defendant charged with a £multimillion Ponzi fraud focusing upon the UK and Sri Lanka. Jeffrey Lewis and Tony Meisels are dealing.

Not Guilty Verdict in Money Laundering Case

April 6, 2009

Miles Herman, as a result of painstaking and thorough work, has successfully defended a client who was found not guilty (March 2009 at Southwark Crown Court) after trial of four counts of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering. This followed a seven week trial centring on allegations of a boiler room fraud in the region of £2.4 million.The client was ably represented by David Burgess (counsel from 9 Bedford Row) and our very own in house advocate, Danny Barnard.


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