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More successes for Lewis Nedas law Serious Crime and Serious Fraud Defence solicitors:

defense attorney1. Unan Choudhury represented an individual who faced serious allegations of people trafficking and money laundering, in a multi defendant Crown Court trial. He instructed our own Danny Barnard of Counsel as trial advocate. Neither Unan or Danny were satisfied with the CPS response to their detailed requests for disclosure .Danny then drafted further requests on disclosure ( s8 Application ), shortly after receipt of this document the CPS withdrew the Prosecution against our client;

2. Eiran Reilly, represented a businessman accused by a third party of driving whilst using his mobile phone, which our client denied immediately when approached by police. He faced trial in the Magistrates Court, based solely upon the evidence of the third party, but he was acquitted, as a result of Eiran s superb advocacy, which meant that he was able to continue with his business and support his family;

3. Adam Shaw of our East London Office, represented a professional man ( working in a sensitive profession )who faced trial in the Magistrates Court and allegations of affray and assault - the alleged victims failed to attend Court in order to give evidence, so the CPS proceeded solely upon the Police Officer s body Cameras ( even though it only recorded the latter end of the incident ). Our client raised the absolute defence of self defence. Adam made a strong legal submission that there was insufficient evidence and the District Judge agreed with him and the prosecution was discontinued. Our delighted client was then able to resume his career, which he would have lost has he been convicted.

4. Siobhain Egan advised and represented a Senior City professional and Senior Manager, who faced a lengthy Financial Regulatory investigation, which thanks to the strong representations which she made upon her clients behalf, led to the termination of that investigation.

5.Siobhain also represented an employee of one of the major banks in the UK, who was a member of the banks Fraud Investigation Team. Our client pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud which represented sophisticated, long running criminal activity, which netted our client a large amount of money.
These convictions were a serious and continuous breach of trust, and the Sentencing Councils Guidelines indicated an immediate and lengthy custodial sentence. However our clients family were prepared to fund the instruction of leading experts who prepared various medical and psychiatric reports, and the excellent Rishi Nathwani of Counsel ( 5 Kings Bench Walk ) to represent our client. They also agreed to reimburse all losses sustained by the Bank.
As a result the Sentencing Judge agreed that a suspended sentence of imprisonment was the appropriate sentence.

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