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We will help you consider the most appropriate structure for your joint venture e.g. through an SPV (special purpose vehicle) via a company or limited liability partnership, or else by a simple collaboration agreement pursuant to which the parties will pool resources and share profits.

You will need to adopt a joint venture-friendly constitution or Articles of Association, and transfer assets and contracts into the joint venture vehicle.

We will look at how the joint venture will be managed, controlled and financed, the risks to be assumed and the contributions to be made by each party, how the profits are to be extracted and how any losses will be borne.

We will consider aspects of control, minority protection and resolution of disputes. If a deadlock could arise, we would consider how best that should be resolved.

We would discuss any restrictions to be placed upon the parties, including non-compete restrictions. We would consider future changes in ownership of the joint venture, transferability of ownership and means of exit if and when the joint venture terminates.

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