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Recent Cases & Results for Lewis Nedas Law and Commercial and Litigation Solicitor Adam Creasey

1. Successfully striking out a breach of contract claim brought against a PLC due to the Claimant’s failure to adequately particularise their claim and an issue of “double recovery” (of damages).

2. Instructed by a film/theatre producer in relation to a new company incorporation and shareholder agreement.

3. Instructed by a new start-up in relation to a seed investment and new company incorporation within the retail market. The client already has in place major pre-contract agreements with several major retailers across the UK.

4. Instructed by a wealthy entrepreneur in relation to a professional negligence claim against his former accountant. The matter also requires an appeal to the Adjudicators Office following an adverse finding by HMRC in respect of our client’s liability to pay VAT on the sale of commercial land.

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For further information or to speak to one of our top advocates please telephone us on 020 3131 0867, complete our online enquiry form.

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Recent instructions and successes for Lewis Nedas Law and Commercial and Litigation Solicitor Adam Creasey

Recent Instructions

  1. Acting for global business partners in respect of a £1.6 million dispute with an international lending bank. The dispute involves matters of Singaporean Law and complex insolvency.

  2. Acting for a sophisticated investor in his purchase of a communications business for £300,000.00.

  3. Acting for a couple who are facing forfeiture proceedings in relation to a property worth over £1.3 million.

  4. Acting for a solicitor who is facing strike off action in the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. Adam is once again working with specialised regulatory Counsel, Jeremy Barnett, Head of Regulatory at St Pauls Chambers.

Contact our Commercial & Litigation Team

For further information or to speak to one of our top advocates please telephone us on 020 3131 0867, complete our online enquiry form.

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Another successful Firearms appeal for Lewis Nedas Law

firearm certificateOur in-house Firearms Law specialist Laura Saunsbury recently acted for the brother of a Member of Parliament in his appeal against the revocation of his shotgun certificate. The Metropolitan Police’s decision to revoke our client’s certificate was based on a number of false complaints to the police by his ex-girlfriend. Laura prepared a comprehensive bundle of evidence for our client rebutting these allegations. Having considered the evidence and Laura’s written representations on behalf of our client, the police were persuaded to reinstate his shotgun certificate without the need or expense of a contested hearing. On receiving the good news our client’s reaction was as follows; 

“Absolutely fantastic news, and congratulations on achieving this for me. I am so delighted, thank you very much for all you’ve done. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone with similar problems”.

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Exceptional result for Lewis Nedas Law's Commerical & Litigation Department

papersProperty litigation specialist Annabelle Randell and Head of Commercial & Litigation Ian Coupland have achieved an outstanding result within 48 hours of instruction, successfully protecting their client’s properties valued in excess of £100,000,00 from repossession.

Our client contacted Annabelle and Ian early on a Thursday morning, informing them that he was in receipt of a letter from his landlord confirming that forfeiture proceedings had been progressed in respect of approximately £2,000.00 in unpaid services charges. A possession order had already been obtained and a bailiff’s warrant was to be executed that following Monday morning in order to formally repossess of our client’s properties.

Within 24 hours of instruction, Annabelle and Ian successfully reached an agreement with the landlord’s solicitors for our client to be granted relief from forfeiture, the bailiff’s warrant to be withdrawn, and for the lease to be restored as if it had never been forfeited in the first place, so enabling our client’s tenant to continue to occupy the property.

By acting so quickly in negotiating a fair and reasonable settlement, and in the process avoiding the increased cost of unnecessary court applications, we managed to preserve the status quo to the benefit of our client as otherwise the financial consequences to our client would have been grave.

Lewis Nedas Law are proud of their achievements for this and many other clients who find themselves in similar circumstances. If you find yourself in a strained relationship with your landlord or tenant please contact Ian Coupland on 02073872032 or

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Outstanding result for Lewis Nedas Law and its Commercial and Litigation Department in company director disqualification case

insider tradingLewis Nedas Law Director and Regulatory Specialist Ian Coupland and Associate Solicitor Adam Creasey have achieved an outstanding result on behalf of an individual who was the subject of Company Director Disqualification Proceedings brought by the Official Receiver on the direction of the Secretary of State.

The case concerned an international Collective Investment Scheme fraud with investor losses totalling approximately £5.5 million.  The disqualification proceedings resulted from the winding up the fraudulent company, following which the Official Receiver then sought to disqualify the individuals concerned in running the scheme for a  period of 12 years under the Company Director Disqualification Act 1996.   

Our client had been accused of acting as a Director and/or Shadow Director of the fraudulent company. The Official Receiver’s Solicitors argued that our client caused or allowed the fraudulent company to make misrepresentations to obtain and/or misappropriate funds in excess of £2 million from members of the public. The evidence in support was extensive and was contained in 6 boxes. The consequences for our client of losing would have been substantial because  not only would it have resulted in him not being able to carry on as a Director in his current business, but there would also have been a substantial costs order award against him, and also potential criminal proceedings with the real risk of a custodial sentence.    

Ian and Adam working with specialist regulatory barrister Jeremy Barnett, Head of Regulatory Law at St Paul’s Chambers, Leeds, successfully presented counter-arguments to the Official Receiver’s Solicitors in our client’s witness statement in reply. This involved a detailed analysis of the case and our client’s actions.  Our client’s witness statement exceeded 15,000 words and included multiple exhibits, and after considering our client’s evidence with their specialist  Counsel, the Official Receiver’s Solicitors accepted our client’s position.  We then successfully negotiated the discontinuance of the case against our client and the recovery of his costs.


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