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Drugs Prosecution Acquittal Success for Leila Abdul-Rasool and Lewis Nedas

Leila Abdul-Rasool had a client who faced an indictment for conspiracy to import class A drugs, namely 3.9kg of opium and also some simple possession charges. It was a case involving four co-defendants, one of whom was the co-defendant’s brother-in-law.

On 7 February 2012 UKBA officers at Heathrow Airport detected a quantity of opium hidden at the bottom of two boxes. The parcels had been sent from Iran via Dubai to an address in Mill Hill London. A controlled delivery took place on 10 February 2012. The client was arrested when he was observed by officers helping his brother-in-law carry a box from the boot of one of the co-defendant’s car to his flat in Chelsea Harbour. It was the client’s case that he had no knowledge of the contents of the boxes and was just helping his brother-in-law carry the parcel to his flat (where the brother-in-law, normally resident in Iran, was staying). When his home was searched, the police found various paraphernalia associated with opium use. They also found distinct tea sets of the same brand and design that were found concealing the drugs in the parcels. The Crown therefore inferred there must have been previous consignments delivered. On this point, it was the client’s contention that these tea sets were purchased in England as a gift for his wife, by his son, who now lives in Brussels.

In preparation of the client’s defence, Leila visited various Iranian shops in Southwest and West London and managed to trace the same design of tea set, to show that these tea sets may well have been bought in London and were not part of other consignments. Leila gave evidence in court to this effect.

The client’s brother-in-law pleaded guilty before trial and the other two co-defendants’ defence was that they thought the parcels contained antiques from Iran.

After a three-week trial, our client was acquitted and was delighted with the result.



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Child Abuse Injustice Success for Nick Wragg and Lewis Nedas

Nick Wragg and Dora Belford of counsel have successfully represented a young student accused of the very serious charge of child neglect in that she was alleged to have inflicted a cigarette burn on the foot of her young disabled son.

Family proceedings presided over by a High Court Judge resulted in the commission of expert reports from two specialists in this field. The High Court Judge found that the local authority that brought the proceedings could prove neither whether the injury was in fact a cigarette burn nor how it was caused.

Nick Wragg, with the assistance of Counsel, wrote a detailed letter of representations to the Crown Prosecution Service, enclosing redacted portions of the judgement from the family proceedings. It was represented to the CPS that it would be perverse for this matter to be put before the jury who would be asked to debate the same question as the High Court Judge but would have to apply a much more stringent proof test. Failure by the CPS to consider these representations resulted in the defence listing this matter at Court and recruiting the assistance of the Crown Court Judge who agreed that the matter should be properly reviewed.

The Crown Prosecution Service finally conceded and offered no evidence at court. The baby is now safely returned to his mother.

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IPCC Success for Nick Wragg and Lewis Nedas

Nick Wragg recently represented a professional gentleman aged sixty years with no previous convictions.

The police investigation was flawed in a number of respects, which caused the client a great deal of stress and anxiety. The Crown Prosecution Service was eventually forced to discontinue the case, but the client was deeply hurt by how he had been treated. Nick assisted the client in making a detailed complaint to Sussex Police pointing out a number of significant concerns as to the conduct of the investigation. The matter was investigated by the Police and a report was sent to the client. The client was so horrified at the report that he immediately set about complaining to the IPCC with Nick’s assistance.

After a long investigation, the IPCC recently upheld the client’s appeal in respect to all allegations made, namely: his unlawful arrest, the inadequate investigation, failures in relation to identification actions and procedures, and substandard police treatment.

Both the client and Nick are delighted that their efforts have been vindicated and that Sussex Police must now investigate the allegations properly.




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Stunning Lewis Nedas Success in Drugs Prosecution

Penny Muir was instructed in a case in which there was an allegation of importation of a large quantity of the Class A drug crystal methylamphetamine. This was transported into the country by a third party from Iran, who subsequently tragically died when a lethal quantity of the drug, which had been carried in condoms and swallowed by him, burst and therefore entered his body.

The prosecution alleged that Penny Muir’s client was the organiser of this drug’s importation into the UK, and, if he had been convicted, there is no doubt that the sentencing judge would have regarded the death of the third party as an aggravating feature, and a lengthy sentence would have been imposed. However, after a five-day trial, Penny Muir’s client was acquitted unanimously by the jury at the Isleworth Crown Court.

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Major Success in SFO Prosecution (Kaupthing Bank)

Lewis Nedas fraud specialist Keith Wood represented Gudni Adalsteinsson the former Treasurer of the Kaupthing Bank. In a recent development the SFO, in response to points raised by Keith, have confirmed that they now no longer regard Mr Adalsteinsson as a suspect in this case and have released him from the investigation.

Mr Adalsteinsson was detained in March 2011 as a part of the SFO’s highly publicised investigation into the lending billionaire entrepreneurs Vincent and Robert Tchenguiz. Keith has been advising Mr Adalsteinsson throughout the investigation.

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